Jul 17 2008
08:01 am

Obama reports $52 million raised in June, and $72 million on hand. He raised $31 million in April and $22 million in May.

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More than double what McCain

More than double what McCain raised in June ($22 million). McCain has $27 million on hand, almost 1/3 that of Obama.

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Wonder where the point of diminishing returns is?

There's a point in marketing where additional advertising and promotion cease to provide a commensurate return in sales (or votes in this case). If McCain can raise enough to hold his base and compete effectively in the battleground states, Obama's advantage in dollars provides no real aid. On the other hand, if McCain has to make hard choices about where to put his available monies, that bodes very well for Obama. As an Obama supporter, I have to say it's at least nice that my candidate isn't the one having to worry about the answer to that question.

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Yeah, but don't forget that despite a record-breaking month for the DNC, they only have $20 million in the bank versus the RNC's $70 million, so the Republicans are still ahead. We can't let up. It looks like the RNC will put every penny into the presidential race despite the woeful state of the NRCC and the NRSC.

The DNC has built a lot of infrastructure with the money it has spent in the last few years on the 50 State Project, but McCain and the RNC are already outspending Obama on advertising in Missouri and some other states.

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The AP had a headline a few

The AP had a headline a few minutes ago that said "Obama raised $52 million in June, still trails McCain and GOP (AP)."

Except, if you read the article (which now has a different headline), Obama raised more than double what McCain raised in June, and more than McCain and the RNC combined.

It says the DNC raised $22.4 million in June and the RNC raised $26 million, and that McCain + RNC have about $2.7 million more in the bank ($95 million v. $93.2 million). Perhaps this is the basis of the headline?

Except the headline says Obama trails McCain and the GOP, which is wrong ($22M McCain + $26M GOP = $48M < $52M Obama alone).

So the better headline is "Obama campaign fundraising exceeds McCain and RNC combined."

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