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Well, dang, he's better than

Well, dang, he's better than any president that's ever been in office. Is it now time to bow to him?

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But wait. Is there collusion?

But wait. Is there collusion? I'm not clear if there was collusion or no collusion. He should be mor clear on whether there was collusion.

Anyway, he knows more about taxes than the greatest CPA. And health care. We have associations. Associations will be yuge!

What a tool.

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Reading this interview while knowing that last month only 7% of his voters said they’d vote differently will hopefully inspire people to help organize if they’ve got the time. Imagine 3 more years (7?) with this as president*.

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Given how close elections are

Given how close elections are these days, a 7% swing would make a huge difference.

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Yep however as you could imagine the president* would suggest that potential swing depends on the location of the 7% wrt the EC. Regardless of that office status at the state/local level we (defined as not his base) must commit/recommit to strategic organizing over the long term. Like lifetimes, starting at high school age, to swing the pendulum back the other way now that we’ve seen the GOP for what it is over the last 40+.

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OMG! It's exhausting.

OMG! It's exhausting.

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Assuming that polling number is true,

the scariest prospect is not the reelection of DJT, but living in an America that will support a DJT. 45% Walking Dead.

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Fact check: (link...)

Fact check:


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