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Another Obama-era regulation is on the Trump administration's chopping block — this one about nursing homes. The Obama administration's rule would've made it easier for nursing home residents to sue for negligence or abuse. But the Trump administration is proposing to replace that rule. And the new one could make it almost impossible for nursing home residents to get their day in court.

Under Trump Rule, Nursing Home Residents May Not Be Able To Sue After Abuse

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Well, there goes my long term

Well, there goes my long term care plan.

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God, this is awful. Longevity

God, this is awful.
Longevity is overrated.

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One more way to make life

One more way to make life hard for the elderly.

I had to deal with nursing homes/assisted living centers for about four years. Man, you have to be a lawyer, doctor, nurse, caregiver, and family member. It's hard work. I will give credit to many, maybe most, of the workers that they try to do a good job. They appear to be understaffed and overworked. There are some, however, that should not be working in this environment.

The nursing home resident in the article was only 60 and being admitted for rehab after surgery. Let me tell you, it gets much worse when you are 70 and 80+. I will say, you should probably work with the nursing home/rehab facility before your surgery, if possible.

I feel, after my experience, you may never be totally prepared for the nursing home/rehab/assisted living experience.

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