Feb 5 2018
03:45 pm

Perhaps the most controversial ad in last night's Super Bowl was a Dodge Ram ad that features a speech by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. about service and ends with "Ram. Built to Serve." The social media backlash was swift.

Beyond the questionable judgement of using a civil rights leader's words from 50 years ago to sell cars, the ad agency apparently didn't finish listening to the entire speech, in which Dr. King went on to say:

"Now the presence of this instinct explains why we are so often taken by advertisers. You know, those gentlemen of massive verbal persuasion. And they have a way of saying things to you that kind of gets you into buying. In order to be a man of distinction, you must drink this whiskey. In order to make your neighbors envious, you must drive this type of car. In order to be lovely to love you must wear this kind of lipstick or this kind of perfume. And you know, before you know it, you’re just buying that stuff. I got to drive this car because it’s something about this car that makes my car a little better than my neighbor’s car. I am sad to say that the nation in which we live is the supreme culprit. And I’m going to continue to say it to America."

He also specifically called out Chrysler, now part of Fiat Chrysler which owns the Dodge brand:

"Do you ever see people buy cars that they can't even begin to buy in terms of their income? You've seen people riding around in Cadillacs and Chryslers who don't earn enough to have a good T-Model Ford. But it feeds a repressed ego."

According to Ad Age, the spot was produced by a relatively new agency in Chicago called "Highdive." Fiat Chrysler should get their money back.

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I have to say I felt kind of

I have to say I felt kind of sorry for the Dodge people. They tried to jump on the cool ad bandwagon and failed.

This same company did the Skittles commercial where the kid has Skittles all over him like a disease. I'm pretty sure I would not have selected this company just because of that commercial.

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TMobile has in inspirational ad with their logo at the very end only.

That’s how you do it.

Maybe the liberal outrage was INTENDED. Who buys big trucks???

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On I40 near the West Hills

On I40 near the West Hills exit there is a billboard that shows a couple of reasonably attractive women and the text, "World Class Wrinkle Removers".(or something to that effect) I laughed to the point of tears. But yea, you should find out the ad company that can't recognize a dick joke when they see one and not hire them.

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