Mar 21 2007
05:50 pm

Just heard a U.S. commander being interviewed by Wolf Blitzer about a disturbing report from Iraq that suicide car bombers are using children as cover to get through checkpoints and then blowing up the cars with the children inside.

Apparently this is good news. Rear Adm. Mark Fox says this is proof that the surge is working, because the stepped up security at checkpoints in Baghdad is causing the insurgents to change their tactics.

Dear God, please help us all.

UPDATE: From the transcript:

BLITZER: What we've heard is that a couple of kids are in the back seat, the suicide bombers, they pull up. They then escape themselves, pull some trigger, some remote device, blow up the car, killing the kids. And from their perspective, killing other people nearby.

Is that what they are trying to do?

FOX: Well, it seems to me that what happened was, it was at a checkpoint -- you know, the effectiveness of the new checkpoints that the Iraqi security forces are using, I think this is evidence of that kind of working. They are changing the profile.

Typically you would expect a single person, a single male to be in a car that's going to -- you know, a car bomb. And so to put children in there is going to change their kind of profile.

But -- so it's a change in tactics.

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Hearts & Minds


People getting rich. Some people saying "Markets!" More death. Neil Young. Death.

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Rear Adm. Mark Fox is a moron evidently...

The "surge" has worked alright. It's gotten even more people killed that otherwise would be alive had we not invaded Iraq on false pretenses.

But you know how the Bushites are, any dead Muslim kid is a good one. One less to grow up and maybe become a fighter.

I hope the Admiral is pleased

"If Bill Frist really cared about people's health, he'd get a job as a mechanic"

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This is war

This is war wake up! The "surge" has been working. The average daily death count is down by 34%. Actual boots on the ground I talk to are saying the samething. The problem is the far left will never admit any progress. They want our troops to leave to be home in time for the election. It is amazing that a story about terrorist using children as shields would promote some of you lefties to blame Bush and Republicans. Keep defending the terrorist though, they can't win without you!

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Hey, Bushnoser

The problem is the far left will never admit any progress.

The problem is that the right lies about progress in Iraq. Look at the history of the last four years, which has steadily deteriorated there, opposite to claims to the contrary.

They want our troops to leave to be home in time for the election.

You don't support the troops. You enable Bush to use them as low value political pawns to cover up for his failures, incompetence, and inability to broker real and sustainable progress. Then you accuse people who disagree with you as not supporting the troops. How cheap and cowardly of you.

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wooddoor is right!!

That surge is just what this "war" needed. Remember, our incredibly decisive victory over the forces of communism in the much smaller country of South Vietnam was enabled by our having roughly three times as many troops there as we have in Iraq. Thereby proving that more troops is all that is ever needed to put down an insurgency and cause democracy to take root. You people just don't appreciate what a resource you have in patriotic historians like wooddoor.



It is impossible to defeat an ignorant man in argument.
  - William G. McAdoo

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I think that wooddoor is

I think that wooddoor is also positive proof that Mr. Bush's No Child Left Behind idea is working.

Come See Us at

The Hill Online

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Wooddoor is LadyVols

Is Woodddoor our new resident troll? LadyVols was so much more subtle.

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"Actual boots on the ground

"Actual boots on the ground I talk to are saying the samething."

Those boots are made for talkin'!

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