Eat local.

It's best for you, it's best for the local economy, and it's best for improving the diversity and quality of our community. Toward those ends, I want to share with you my impressions of locally owned restaurants in Knoxville and the surrounding communities. I won't review chains, but I may review a local restaurant with multiple locations, as long as each is sufficiently unique.

Knoxville is home to restaurants of many different cuisines across an enormous price range; my reviews will reflect that diversity. I might review a cheap dive, followed by a review of the latest high-end pleasure dome serving the most expensive haute cuisine. I'm up for just about any kind of food as long as it's well made and interesting.

If you have a mobile app for scanning bar codes and QR codes, here's my contact info:

If you don't, you can follow me on Twitter.

I'll also review certain special events, like street festivals, wine tastings, beer dinners, and other such one-off occasions. Those events quite often feature the very best of local cuisine and are deserving of more comprehensive and thorough coverage.

These reviews will be sporadic, depending entirely on my personal whim, budget, and schedule. Speaking of whims, each review will include an admittedly subjective and non-empirical star rating. They represent my opinion, and nothing more.

Comments are welcome, but please keep it civil. The site rules for the rest of KnoxViews apply to this section of the site as well.

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