Jan 25 2007
02:09 pm
By: Johnny Ringo  shortURL

Harold Ford, Jr. has become Chairman of the DLC:

WASHINGTON — Former Memphis congressman Harold Ford Jr. today accepted the high-profile post of chairman of the Democratic Leadership Council, the moderate policy group that a little-known Arkansas governor named Bill Clinton led to national stardom and the presidency.
The announcement was made this morning at a Washington hotel breakfast sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor, but had been anticipated for days.

Ford accepted the post, calling it "one of the most important organizations on the think tank landscape. "


Charles S. Giles II forwards his letter (PDF format) seeking appointment to County Commission for the 6th District:

I intend to be an active member of the Knox County Commission and have the desire to represent the residents of Knox County by opposing any annexation efforts by the City of Knoxville or any other government agencies outside the boundaries of Knox County.

I pledge to be conservative with the taxpayer dollars, but at the same time to make sure that essential services are available to all Knox County residents.

I am a proponent of good educational values and hold education as one of my top priorities. Investing in the educational values of our community will reap benefits that will help to strengthen our society as a whole.

Giles says crime and seniors' issues are also priorities. He says he is an Independent and not a member of either the Democratic or Republican party. He pledges to serve only on an interim basis, but does not rule out seeking future office.

Jan 25 2007
11:49 am

"When people first come upon the vast brick building, they think it's former life was as a warehouse, school, airport terminal or municipal building, John said. "They want to know what it was before we turned it into a house," he said." .... The house is new and will be featured by HGTV on the show, "What's Up With That House?"

Also featured on HGTV in 2004 was a converted SoKno schoolhouse. I guess it helps that HGTV is close by, just across the river.

Jan 25 2007
11:14 am
By: Scott1202  shortURL

My wife and I were watching tv last night and there was a bright green flash outside followed by our DTV going out for a couple of minutes. I heard on WBIR News later that there was possibly a meteor. Did anyone else see this and did whatever it was make impact anywhere?

Jan 25 2007
10:26 am

Bob Corker, 2006: Pilot is "the largest seller of biodiesel in the country."

KNS, 2007: Pilot "wants to start selling a soybean/diesel biofuel but cannot find a large regional producer."

(Pilot Corp. Customer Service in e-mail to KnoxViews, 2006: "At the current time, we do not have a travel center in Tennessee that has biodiesel.")

Jan 25 2007
12:33 am

ZD Net is putting to rest a nasty rumor that Microsoft is planning an early withdrawal of support for Windows XP Home and XP Professional operating systems in order to encourage buyers to upgrade to Vista. They are saying we should expect support through 2011 for the Home version and 2014 for Professional. That should give me more than enough time to wear this sucker completely out then buy a Mac.

After reading of the advantages Vista offers over XP Pro, I don't see a compelling need to upgrade for my personal uses. I'm sure Bill Gates could not care less about losing a bunch of us old folks to the competition. Abandoning XP users would have been a great way to do it.

Jan 24 2007
08:26 pm

How Congressman Jimmy Duncan voted on the First 100 Hours Agenda legislation:

Ethics Reform Title 1, Rules: Yes
Ethics Reform Title 2, Ethics: Yes
Ethics Reform Title 3, Civility: Yes
Ethics Reform Title 4, Fiscal responsibility*: No
Ethics Reform Title 5, Misc.: No
Enhanced Intelligence Oversight: No
9/11 Commission Recommendations: No
Minimum Wage: Yes
Stem Cell Research: No
Medicare Prescription Drug Negotiation: No
College Student Relief Act: Yes
Energy Alternatives Act: No

(*Fiscal Responsibility provisions include Pay As You Go and Earmark Reform.)

Jan 24 2007
07:47 pm

Bill held up over tax cuts.

Guess the Senate Dems will need a supermajority to get anything through the Senate. Which they would probably need anyway to override Bush's vetoes.

There is more work to be done to bust out the people's legislative logjam, starting in 2008.

UPDATE: Sen. Alexander and Sen. Corker both voted against cloture, i.e. for the filibuster. Aren't they supposed to be friends of the working people of Tennessee, where nearly 14% of the population lives in poverty?

Jan 24 2007
03:57 pm

John Edwards is holding a live online video conference tonight (Wed. Jan. 24th) at 9:30 PM Eastern time about the state of the union. You can submit questions at the website, blog, via chat, e-mail, or text message. Details here.

From an e-mail press release:

Rather than honest assessments and a vision for the future, we got rationalizations for the failed policies of the past -- and small ideas that won't make a difference in the lives of working Americans.


Jan 24 2007
02:22 pm
By: R. Neal  shortURL

CNN is reporting that Sen. John Kerry will announce this afternoon that he is not running for president in 2008.

Jan 24 2007
12:56 pm

Open Letter to the Residents of the Second District:

Knox County's Second Commission District is changing. For the past 37 years Commissioner Billy Tindell has ably represented us, but now the State Supreme Court has upheld term limits and it is time to choose a new Commissioner.

Knox County's Second Commission District is changing in other ways as well. Many long time residents are moving out and new folks are moving in. As a young North Hills homeowner, I feel the excitement in our district through a blend of experience and energy that is revitalizing our neighborhoods.

My name is Cortney Piper, and I respectfully submit this letter of interest as a candidate to replace Commissioner Tindell. I pledge to provide the same type of constituent-friendly service that Second District voters have grown to expect from Commissioner Tindell. I will be there to represent constituents first and foremost, and to uphold the integrity and responsibility of the public trust.

Decisions by County Commission affect all of our lives and our future. My background demonstrates an ability and willingness to engage the public in making these decisions. I will have an open door policy with all constituents.

Together we can lead Knox County into the future with sustainable growth policies and respect for historical residential areas. Together we can build on the work that Commissioner Tindell and others have done to improve Knox County Schools and services. Together we can create an even more livable community for ourselves and for the children of the Second Commission District.

Thank you for your consideration. I welcome your questions or comments.

Cortney Piper
(865) 789-2669

Jan 24 2007
12:31 pm

There won't be any names on any ballots because there won't be an election and it appears there will be no public debate, so voters of Knox County will have no vote and no voice in who County Commission appoints as replacements for the Knox County government vacancies created by the term limits decision.

People are being urged to contact their County Commissioners, who will vote on the replacements in a special Jan. 31st meeting, to let them know who they support (or oppose).

The problem is, with no ballot it's hard to know who is being considered other than those who have publicly declared their intent to seek appointment.

Here is my best effort* at compiling a list of those who have declared or have otherwise been the subject of speculation. The term limited officeholder is listed next to each office in parenthesis. Please note any corrections, updates, or additions in comments.

UPDATE: The Knoxville News Sentinel has just launched a new web page with candidate letters of intent, resumes, etc.

UPDATE: Props to KNS for putting up the aforementioned website. This is a great public service in the absence of same by Knox County.

NOTE: The KNS says at the website that candidates have until Jan. 29th to submit a letter of intent to County Commission. Somehow I missed that. Does anyone know if they will only consider candidates who submit a letter?

County Commission 1st District (Diane Jordan):

Lewis Logan
Janara Frazier
Evelyn C. Gill
Nick Della Volpe
Josh Jordan
Helen Lewis

2nd District (Billy Tindell):

Cortney Piper
Jonathan Wimmer
Amy Broyles
Chuck Williams

4th District (John Schmid, Phil Guthe):

Mike Alford
Lee Trammel
Ed Shouse
Elaine Davis
Lisa Bogaty
William H. Daniels
Scott Davis
John Patrick Deatherage
Archie Ellis
Joan Wagner
Craig Fischer
Richard Cate

5th District (John Griess):

Tom Salter
Kyle Philips
Marylin Cobble
Robin Butler
Brian Hornback

6th District (Mark Cawood):

Sharon Cawood
Charles S. Giles
Jimmie Shelton
Randy Williams

8th District (John Mills):

Gary Koontz
James C. Eubanks
Jack Huddleston

9th District (Larry Clark):

Gary Underwood
Randy Hinton
Rob Huddleston

Register of Deeds (Steve Hall):

Sherry Witt
Scott Emge

Trustee (Mike Lowe):

Fred Sisk
Craig Leuthold

County Clerk (Mike Padgett):

Billy Tindell
George Stooksbury
Carolyn Carter Jensen

Sheriff (Tim Hutchison):

J.J. Jones
Tom Spangler
Bobby Waggoner
Lee Trammel
Todd Cook
Scott Moore
Randy Tyree
Larry Hunter
Isa Infante

Others (unspecified seats):

Harry Sherrod

(*Sources: Knoxville News Sentinel, Halls Shopper, Michael Silence, KnoxViews.)

Jan 24 2007
11:48 am

Jack McElroy is having quite the discussion on his blog “The Upfront Page” at the Knoxville News Sentinel. A charge was made by local GOP Chairman Brian Hornback that Mr. McElroy has a conflict of interest because he serves on "all kinds of boards of non-profits". If you have ever read Mr. Hornback’s writing you know it quickly devolves into partisan politics.

Mr. Hornback writes, “From what I understand Jack "Conflicted" McElroy appeared on Inside Tennessee and said that the replacement of term-limited incumbents isn't about party building. So, if you are Jack "Conflicted" McElroy it is about party building. Party building the Democrat Party and tearing down the Republican Party. The question for Editor McElroy is: How is that position on the Democrat Board going for you?”

To Mr. McElroy’s credit he addresses the larger issue of whether the Editor of the News Sentinel should sit on various boards and asks his readers for their viewpoints. What happens is an eighteen post free for all with several commenters including the pseudonymous writer “50 Cents Wasted” and even the appearance of Mike Cohen to make the required charged of, “Also, Mr. Cents, folks would pay more attention to you if you signed your name. It's awfully easy to trash folks when you can shield your own identity.” Even Cynthia Moxley drops in to clarify, “FYI. I'm not the only Moxley in town. All you have to do is turn on the radio to know that. And that is not me who posted to this site on Jan. 20.”

This is not only an interesting read but asks some important questions about the role of Editor and Publisher of a daily newspaper in a mid-market town like Knoxville. Conflict of Interest is a Knoxville tradition. Some might say a Religion. It is a positive step to see the Editor of the News Sentinel consider whether it is time to make some changes.

Give it a read.

Jan 24 2007
10:56 am

Scott Emge attended the meeting Sandra Clark told us about on Monday. Scott has this report of his conversation with Commissioners Moore and Smith. Scott says Amy Broyles and Elaine Davis were also there.

And don't forget the candidate's forum organized by Commissioner Mark Harmon, scheduled for this coming Monday. Details here.

Just a thought, but it seems that anyone wanting to be appointed as a replacement ought to show up at every opportunity to meet with the public in an open forum, and anyone who shows up should get preference over KnoxGOB back-room nominees.


The final two parts of Monday's County Commission meeting were on the The Mark Harmon "plebiscite" Resolution for a non-binding referendum. It was defeated 2-17. Things got a little testy.

Part V

Part VI

Jan 23 2007
10:49 pm

"Madam Speaker"

If yes, will it be Mike Padgett?
7% (9 votes)
If yes, will it be Mike Lowe?
10% (14 votes)
If yes, will it be Steve Hall?
35% (48 votes)
If yes, will it be Tim Hutchison?
18% (24 votes)
If yes, will it be one of the outgoing commissioners?
14% (19 votes)
No, they will all go quitely
16% (22 votes)
Total votes: 136
Jan 23 2007
10:19 pm

Bruce Pearl absolutely rocks!!!!!!!!!

Jan 23 2007
09:13 pm
By: Rich Hailey  shortURL

OK, here are the details for the next BlogFest
Where: Calhoun's on Kingston Pike at I-140
When: Saturday, February 10 starting at 5:00PM
Who: Everybody
Why: Because.

See you there!


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