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Unconfirmed Senate exit polling info:

Democrats leading in:
VA: 53-46
RI: 53-46
PA: 57-42
OH: 57-43
NJ: 53-45
MT: 53-46
MO: 50-48

Republicans leading:
TN: 51-48
AZ: 50-46

Treat as VERY EARLY info.

Nov 7 2006
06:56 pm
Rather to join Colbert, Jon Stewart tonight
Nov 7 2006
06:44 pm
By: JustJohnny  shortURL

I haven't seen it mentioned here, so here goes:

The Schree Pettigrew campaign and the Knox County Democrats will be gathering tonight at 8 pm at Rothchilds Catering at 8807 Kingston Pike.

Democrats are invited to come out an join us in watching the returns come back!

Nov 7 2006
03:46 pm

"Firestorm" "Firestorm of Controversy" "Swirling in a Firestorm of Controversy" "Fight for his political life," we're bound to hear more of these with the legal manuevering already started. The only thing I've heard about machines on local news is that Christenberry got a late start. When I was a poll watcher at Christenberry in August they had trouble printing the results at the end. That sounds odd with the WBIR guy having trouble, the machines show you who you voted for and ask if you want to go back. If this poll worker didn't work in August its possible they were mixed up or it could have been mischief, who knows. Someone predicted a month of recounts all over the country, they may be right. The Ford campaign has run an excellent operation here and from what I've seen haven't left anything unturned. If he looses it won't have anything to do with the drama of the local party, which is totally seperate, it will be family or wedge issues and maybe machine trouble. Only about 50 at the most people care about the local party drama. I don't think Kurita could have done near as well or got Clinton and Obama here. Stacey

Nov 7 2006
03:43 pm

Saw this posted at a Maryville voting location. Seems like a good time for a reminder.

Voter’s Bill of Rights

The Constitution of the United States of America says I have the right to take part in my civic life.

  • If I am registered to vote in Tennessee, I have the right to vote in this election.
  • I have the right to vote by myself or with help, I can select who I want to assist me.
  • Even if I have a conservator, I may vote unless a court specifically said I couldn’t.
  • I have the right to vote the way I want.
  • I have the right to get help if someone tries to stop me from voting.
  • I have the right to be shown how to make my choices on my ballot.
  • If I am waiting in line when the poll closes, I must be allowed to vote.
  • If I have no other identification, I can use a written sworn statement as proof of who I am.
  • If I am prevented from voting, I may stay at the polling site and call for help from one of these groups:

    1. Tennessee Protection and Advocacy, Inc (for people with disabilities): 800-342-1660, TTY: 888-852-2852.

    2. County Election Commission: Knox: 865-215-2480, Blount: 865-273-5920, Anderson: 865-457-6238.

    3. Tennessee State Coordinator of Elections: 615-741-7956.

Courtesy of the Tipton Co. Election Commission. This PDF at their site has other voting rules and regulations.

Nov 7 2006
02:39 pm


Dems will go to court this afternoon to ask for polls to stay open
Staff Writer

Published: Tuesday, 11/07/06
Lawyers with the Tennessee Democratic Party will file suit early this afternoon asking that voting hours be extended due to reports of infrastructure problems, a party spokesman said.

The party has received reports that some precincts lacked enough voting machines, voting machines that are not working, long lines and delays in the openings of polling paces, said the spokesman Mark Brown.

Brown said he did not yet know which court party lawyers would file suit in, but said it would be in Davidson County at about 1:30 p.m.

Lawyers had not yet decided whether they would ask that all polls remain open later or ask only that polls in certain regions of the state be open later.

You know, it feels kinda good to be part of a group that'll stand up and fight, for once.

[UPDATE: Reports of lawsuit premature, not sure of]

Nov 7 2006
02:16 pm
By: bill young  shortURL

came in to get some dry clothes & eat a bite..then headed back down to 10-N...good turn-out & folks are votin for harold

Nov 7 2006
01:55 pm

Hey folks, I'm staffing one of the campaign phone lines and we're getting lots of reports of trouble at the polls. Here are some numbers to call if you're sent away, told you can't vote, your machine won't work, etc.

State Party trouble line: 866-910-8683
National Dem Party trouble line: 888-336-8683

Other backup numbers in case of busy phone lines:

1-866-OUR VOTE (1-866-687-8683) (website here)

1-888-SAV-VOTE (1-888-728-8683)(voting machine problems)

Update from Kos, just now: Apparently Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter's ugly stepsister, is telling her callers to jam the DNC trouble line. In case you'd like to phone Ms. Ingraham and tell HER about your voting problems (and your problems with her vile apologism for corruption and electoral abuse), her number is 800.876.4123.

Nov 7 2006
01:41 pm
By: Geckofile  shortURL

If you missed the show on HBO the other night, its up on Google video, so before you vote, (or after) watch this:

Nov 7 2006
01:39 pm

August 1, 2006 Tradesports numbers:

                                             Bid / Ask
GOP keeps House control in 06  47.3 / 47.4
GOP keeps Senate control in 06 76.3 / 78.9

November 7, 2006 Tradesports numbers as of 12:30 PM:

                                              Bid / Ask
GOP keeps House control in 06   17.0 / 18.8
GOP keeps Senate control in 06  65.6 / 68.0

Nov 7 2006
01:33 pm

The Knoxville News Sentinel has an interesting blog-style Election Day Notebook. (Check out the lady who showed up to vote in her pajamas!)

Nov 7 2006
01:12 pm

From Star Power to Blood Sport, Tennessee Senate Race Has It

Or so says the New York Times:

Mr. Clinton is about to say nice things about Representative Harold E. Ford Jr., the Democratic Senate candidate, but first he has to say how much he loves Ms. Shepherd’s movies and how he always looks for them when he is home alone at night, channel surfing.

Which has about as much to do with Tuesday’s election as cockfighting, and in northeast Tennessee that is what the burly welder is getting in Bob Corker’s face about. The man, arguing that the blood sport should be legalized, is cocksure about his love of cockfighting. Mr. Corker, a multimillionaire Republican running a small-government campaign against Mr. Ford, is less sure. People should be free from state regulation, but he is undecided about birds. He promises to learn more.

We must know! We must know now!


Nov 7 2006
11:41 am

Report on what you saw/experienced if you voted today.

Read more after the jump...


Nov 7 2006
11:34 am
By: WhitesCreek  shortURL

I have two bits of info from insiders...

1. Corker's internals have him up by only 1 point, so It all depends on what happens today. Call your friends and tell them why they should vote and why they should vote for Ford. We can't let Corker help Bush "stay the course...I never said stay the course"...

And from our Republican Operatives are Dirty rotten Scum Department...

2.nashville african americans received calls saying if they voted for HFJ in the primary then they didn't have to vote today. 

They Cheat! We have to overwhelm them with honesty and numbers.

Nov 7 2006
11:26 am

Last night we were talking with a neighbor who moved here from Washington (the state) three years ago. We were talking about how he likes it here (he loves it) and some of the differences in culture and so forth.

We got around to voting, and he said "I never thought I'd be standing in a church voting for liquor by the drink."

Today he gets to stand in a church and vote for packaged liquor sales. All of which is amusing if you think about it, but it also highlights how migration to the South is changing our demographics and outlook on things.

Nov 7 2006
11:07 am

R. Neal made an endorsement for Harold Ford, Jr. here on Sunday.  In the interest of being "fair and balanced," I'd like to highlight Bob Corker's qualifications for being a United States Senator:

He's from Tennessee.

He attended the University of Tennessee.

He knows how to make money.

His mama loves him.

If you vote for a Democrat, the terrorists win.

[UPDATE]: Did excellent work as Governor Sundquist’s finance commissioner.

Feel free to add your reasons for supporting Corker in the comments. 

Nov 7 2006
09:24 am


You won't hear me speak any more in this campaign. Today, it's your turn to speak, your turn to change this country.

Whether we have a new direction in Iraq is up to you. Whether we reclaim a government that works for all of us is up to you. Whether we begin bringing people together and reaching across party lines to get things done is up to you. Whether we have affordable healthcare for all, a future free from crushing debt, a nation that is respected around the world and safer from terror, all of it is up to you.

I know you're up to it. I know from traveling this great state of ours that we are all up to it. Tennesseans are strong, optimistic people. We are the Volunteer State because we believe in the power of change, simply by standing up for each other.

So this is my last ask of you this campaign: Vote. Take others to vote. Make sure your friends, and your family members, and your neighbors vote. If you do not know where to vote, go to, or call the voter hotline at 1-866-910-VOTE.

Work until your polls close to make sure that every person who believes in change as much as we do has their voice heard and counted.

If you do--and I know you will--we will celebrate a great victory for our country tonight.

Nov 7 2006
09:17 am
By: WhitesCreek  shortURL

Send a MESSAGE to the Whitehouse.


Upcoming events:

Lost Medicaid Funding

To date, the failure to expand Medicaid/TennCare has cost the State of Tennessee ? in lost federal funding.

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