Published On: Mon, Nov 2nd, 2015
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KKK Politicians: Anonymous Exposes KKK Ties of United States Politicians | Senators & Mayors

By now you have seen the threats by the hacktivist known as Anonymous saying they will expose 1,000 United States politicians that have ties to the KKK. Well, they have started to make good on their promise to leak the names.

We woke up this morning to find a video circulating the internet by Anonymous, an unknown group of hackers with a decentralized command structure, that claims to expose members of the KKK participating in the US Government as Senators and Mayors across the country.


Here is a partial list of USA KKK Politicians according to Anonymous:

Senator Tom Tillis from North Carolina
Senator John Cornyn, Texas
Senator, John Horne Iverson, Georgia
Senator, Dan Coats, Indiana
Mayor, Madeline Rogero, Knoxville TN
Mayor Jim Mayer, Lexington KY
Mayor Kent Guinn, Ocala, Florida
Mayor Tom Henry, Fort Wayne Indiana

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Nov 1 2015
06:29 pm
By: R. Neal  shortURL

Former U.S. senator Fred Thompson dies

Mr. Thompson, 73, died on Sunday after a recurrence of lymphoma, according to a statement issued from the Thompson family.

Oct 30 2015
05:13 am

Mark Harmon: Government should not be businesslike

Government does socially valuable things: parks, libraries, military defense, courts of law, etc. These functions do not fit easily or well into a cost-benefit formula — and we’d all be worse off by forcing them into such a calculation, or setting a default value of zero. Putting a numerical value on clean air, happiness, a sense of well-being or a beautiful sunset is a futile and senseless exercise.

People who serve in government take oaths, typically to support our state and federal constitutions. The officers of publicly traded corporations have an entirely different obligation — a fiduciary duty to maximize shareholder value.

Oct 29 2015
10:03 am

What: Scruffy City Comedy Festival Day #3
When: Sunday, November 15, 2015 - 11:00am
Where: Market Square (multiple venues)

The Scruffy City Comedy Festival wraps up its 2nd year with a full-slate of Sunday evening fun on Market Square, with two headline performances and a variety of standup showcases.

Our first headliner of the night is Mia Jackson (Oxygen, TLC, Nick at Nite), a finalist on this year's Last Comic Standing. She'll be performing at Scruffy City Hall at 8 pm.

Our second headliner of the evening is Shane Mauss (winner of HBO Comedy Festival's "Best Standup", Conan, Netflix, Comedy Central). He will be performing at Scruffy City Hall at 10 pm.

A full schedule of Sunday's shows and performers, along with ticket information can be found on the Scruffy City Comedy website.

Oct 29 2015
09:57 am

What: Scruffy City Comedy Festival Day #2
When: Saturday, November 14, 2015 - 2:00pm
Where: Market Square (multiple venues)

The Scruffy City Comedy Festival continues on Market Square today with performances, workshops, and perhaps a few surprises.

The headline performance of the evening will be nationally touring comedian Jackie Kashian (Conan, This American Life, WTF with Marc Maron, Last Comic Standing). She has her own one-hour comedy special and a half-hour Comedy Central.

Other events during the day and evening include an improv extravaganza with Knoxville's Einstein Simplified and Full Disclosure Comedy, as well as improv workshops in the afternoon, standup showcases at Preservation Pub and Knoxville Uncorked, a special edition of Knoxville's experimental comedy show QED Comedy Lab, and more.

A schedule of Saturday's comedy festival activities and ticket information are included on the Scruffy City Comedy website.

Oct 29 2015
09:43 am

What: Scruffy City Comedy Festival Day #1
When: Friday, November 13, 2015 - 7:00pm
Where: Market Square (multiple venues)

The 2nd annual Scruffy City Comedy Festival kicks off on Friday, November 13, on Knoxville's historic Market Square. More than 50 comedians from around the nation will perform at Preservation Pub, Knoxville Uncorked, and Scruffy City Hall.

Tonight's headline performance will be Andy Sandford (Conan, Aqua Teen Hunger Force) at 8 pm at Scruffy City Hall. The show will be hosted by Knoxville's Shane Rhyne, and include comedy performances from Lydia Popovich (San Francisco), Clark Jones (Brooklyn), Brock Wilbur (Los Angeles), and Carmen Morales (Chicago).

(Edit: Ben Kronberg, originally named earlier here as the headliner had to cancel his appearance for reasons beyond his control. But Andy is an equally amazing performer.)

Later that night, Scruffy City Hall will also host Chris Trew and his nationally popular "Air Sex Championships" comedy show.

A full schedule of events for the day can be found on the Scruffy City Comedy website, along with weekend and day pass information.

Oct 29 2015
07:48 am

Today is the last day for early voting in city elections. So far, there are only 1337 early voters, plus 440 absentee ballots for a total of 1777. Looks to be another dismal, record low turnout in the 3% range?

City voters will decide races for City Council At Large B, At Large C, and District 5. Election day is Tuesday, Nov 3.

Early Voting Locations and Schedule

Sample Ballot

Oct 28 2015
03:23 pm
By: Treehouse  shortURL

Previous city annexations are void? No more city services for you guys!




Police chiefs from across the United States called on Monday for universal background checks for firearms purchases, saying opinion polls consistently show that most Americans support such restrictions.

The proliferation of firearms is one of the factors behind a rise in homicide rates in many U.S. cities this year, according to senior law enforcement officials at the International Association of Chiefs of Police conference in Chicago.


Current rules on background checks apply to licensed dealers, but up to 40 percent of firearms sales involve private parties or gun shows and do not require checks, the chiefs said.

USA Today:

The coalition called on Congress to specifically expand background checks to cover all gun purchases. It also asked Congress to strengthen the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) to ensure that all states and federal agencies include disqualifying records in the system.

The coalition also called for increasing the current time that the FBI has to complete a background check before a sale is automatically completed.

Oct 26 2015
03:00 pm

UPDATE REGARDING CITY EMPLOYEES: We are told that all affected city employees will remain city employees reporting to SMG for the duration of the emergency contract.

Eric Vreeland at the City said "City officials are meeting with public assembly facilities employees tomorrow. Until they’d had a chance to ask questions and get information, we won’t be able to elaborate much beyond this release. But generally, SMG will be overseeing the City workers at the Coliseum and at Chilhowee during the interim contract. That is, current City of Knoxville employees will remain as employees with the City until a permanent management contractor has been selected through an RFP process. That selection may occur by the end of 2015. Once a permanent management contractor is selected, then the City employees would become employees of the contractor."


The City of Knoxville has contracted SMG to manage the Knoxville Civic Auditorium and Coliseum and Chilhowee Park through the end of the year. They will issue an RFP for a long term contract. More info in the press release after the break...


Oct 26 2015
10:57 am

The Atlantic looks at manufacturing jobs being "onshored," with a focus on Tennessee and the disparity between union v. non-union jobs.

'Good' Jobs Aren't Coming Back

Oct 26 2015
09:09 am

What: 4th District Democrats Meeting
When: Tuesday, October 27, 2015 - 6:00pm
Where: Bearden Library 100 Golfclub Rd Knoxville 37919

Our guest speakers will be Fran Ansley and Karla Meza-Cruz

Fran Ansley is Professor Emerita of UT College of Law..she will give an update on the status of immigration reform, and discuss the efforts to pass a state "tuition equality" law allowing certain immigrants groups to pay in-state rates at TN colleges and universities

Ms Meza-Cruz is a young person directly affected by this issue

for info: Chris Foell (691-8933)

Oct 26 2015
09:04 am

What: Knox Co. Democratic Party First Friday Celebration
When: Friday, November 6, 2015 - 6:00pm
Where: Rosarito's Mexican Cantina, 210 Lovell Rd Knoxville

Our monthly first friday celebration moves out west for November..To Rosarito's Mexican Cantina, near Turkey Creek area.

Sponsored by the 5th District Democrats..

Let's bring some blue to red meat country!!

see link: (link...)

for info: Linda Lawson (
Brad Duckett (

Oct 25 2015
09:46 am

We just received notice from BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee that our health insurance premiums will increase nearly 55% next year. Our deductible and max out of pocket will increase 13%.


BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee requests 36% rate increase

BlueCross premium hike (2014)

Oct 25 2015
09:36 am
By: jbr  shortURL

Looking at the legislation, H.R.188 - TIME Act, I am curious where all Tennessee Congressional members stand on it. Both Blackburn and Cooper are co-sponsors.

A recent news item regarding an autistic employee not being paid for approx a year drew my attention to it.


Oct 24 2015
10:31 am

The Knox County Health Department has released their 2014-2015 Community Health Assessment which outlines the priority health issues for Knox County.

Among the findings, 54% of the unemployed do not have health insurance. 28% of those with less than $15,000 in household income do not have health insurance, compared to 2.8% of those with household income over $50,000.


Full report...

Oct 23 2015
01:04 pm

Details are still coming out, but according to local news tweets the City will purchase the property for $6 million and invest $3 million more in improvements. The County will provide $1.5 million and the State will provide $1 million, TVA will provide $80K for utility work, and the developer is kicking in $500K. The move will also create 70 new jobs at Regal.

Will update when there are official press releases...

UPDATE: TN.GOV: Governor Haslam, Commissioner Boyd Announce Regal Entertainment Group to Relocate New Corporate Headquarters in Knoxville

UPDATE: City of Knoxville press release with complete details pending approvals after the break...


Oct 23 2015
08:56 am

What: CAPPE-FEST music 2-7pm Sunday Oct 25
When: Sunday, October 25, 2015 - 2:00pm


"CAPPE-FEST" will be held at the home of Jay & Stacy Clark (603 Self Hollow Rd, Rockford) on SUNDAY, OCT 25, from 2pm until 7pm (outdoors weather permitting, indoors if not)


2:15pm - Greg Horne & Daniel Kimbro

3:15pm - Jimmy Davis

4:30pm - Jay Clark & the Tennessee Tree Beavers

5:30pm - Blue Mother Tupelo

Bring your own adult beverages, chairs, & blankets.

Suggested donation of $20/person.

For more info, email Jay at


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