Jan 21 2006
01:27 pm

Here's an interesting article from the other day:

Currently, studios carefully control the release of major motion pictures to maximize profits. Films are first released in theaters, then on pay per view, home video, pay cable networks such as HBO, and finally on broadcast TV.

But the time between those windows has been shrinking. In 1994, the average time between a movie's opening in theaters and its debut on home video was about six months. In 2004, that span fell to four months, with some studios releasing films on DVD even sooner.

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Jan 21 2006
10:44 am
By: kag  shortURL

Congrats on the cool new blog-thingy, SKB. This thing is quite amazing with all its whiz bang features and gadgets.


Jan 21 2006
09:29 am

The race is heating up and there are four contenders for Blount County Mayor, 1 Democrat and 3 Republicans. Joe Gallagher is brave, in my opinion. But, then he is not from around here. I have met and worked with Joe. I like the man.,2355,BLNT_18867_4380130,00.html

"Gallagher, the only Democrat in the campaign, said he realized the Republican candidate often wins the office in Blount County. "I recognize it is a long shot. My goal would be to be a lobbyist for the people," he said. "

. .

"Kerr said his timeline is to first win the May 2 primary. "The practical reality is, you win that election, you almost have to be run over by a truck not to win the general election," he said. Kerr said that, historically, the Republican candidate usually takes office. "

Jan 21 2006
03:10 am

Can libertarians with conservative leanings play too?

Jan 21 2006
01:04 am
By: edens  shortURL
Jan 20 2006
11:52 pm

I'm Scott Cardwell decided to use a different name, This is a cool Blog site, I've excited by the idea that I can blog and blab all on the same site very cool. Thanks who ever is responsible.

I had a great morning started off with cello music in Harvard Square. Work sucked, I've drank a few beers going to bed early so I can get a lot done tommorrow.

This fellow was great, I swear he sounded like he was playing something from the Dirty Three.

Jan 20 2006
11:47 pm
By: Number9  shortURL

Welcome back. I guess now that I am here the first question will be about the ignore feature.

What kind of software is this blog using? It has everything but the kitchen sink.


# 9

Jan 20 2006
10:53 pm

A photo from North Gay Street at night.


Jan 20 2006
10:42 pm
By: Andy Axel  shortURL

Well, it appears that some grassroots Democrats 'round this country have something in common with some grassroots GOP activists:

Despite what Bill Safire says, neither would particularly welcome a Hillary Clinton 2008 bid.

Count me among the observers who believe Molly Ivins' populist take is closer to capital-T Truth than Beltway Dems want to believe.

And extend the same logical parallels to the incipient races in Tennessee for Governor and U.S. Senate.


Jan 20 2006
10:25 pm
By: SayUncle  shortURL

Apparently so.

Jan 20 2006
10:00 pm
By: jah  shortURL

Nice new digs. I can almost see my house from here. :)

Jan 20 2006
09:15 pm

When Jerry Wexler sent Wilson Pickett to Memphis, I'm sure he had no idea that in the first night, he and Steve Cropper would write "Don't Fight It," "Ninety Nine and A Half (Won't Do)," and "In The Midnight Hour" in a Jack Daniels-fueled cram session.

I've been around music all of my life, and I gotta say -- a lot of artists would kill to have that sort of output in twenty years, much less twenty hours.

Tonight, I'd like to express deepest sadness for the loss of a great American artist. Anyone who's ever heard "Land of 1000 Dances" or "Mustang Sally" knows what sort of impact that Wilson Pickett had on soul, blues, and rock music.


Jan 20 2006
08:44 pm
By: Les Jones  shortURL

Someone has to get the ball rolling.

Jan 20 2006
06:39 pm

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Jan 20 2006
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