Detroit Free Press:

"We should never have entered into discussions with Sen. Corker, but we did because of the importance of what was going on here," Gettelfinger said. "And it failed. And it's not because we didn't have a tentative agreement. It's because" Corker "could not deliver at the end of the day."

First rule of negotiating: Make sure you are negotiating with the one who can sign on the line that is dotted.

In related news, Gettelfinger accuses Southern senators of union busting:

"They thought perhaps they could have a twofer here maybe: Pierce the heart of organized labor while representing the foreign brands," UAW President Ron Gettelfinger said at a Friday morning news conference in Detroit.

Harsh. But true.

Bbeanster's picture

Not just the guys in Detroit

Not just the guys in Detroit City --


Nobody's picture

There are three letters that

There are three letters that explain the mess with the Big 3. UAW. Interesting that only the Big 3 need the UAW and why that they are the only auto manufacturers in such bad shape.

metulj's picture

Why do Republicans hate

Why do Republicans hate working class Americans?

True happiness is knowing you are a hypocrite. -- Ivor Cutler

tennesseevaluesauthority's picture

Thank Goodness the Financial Industry Isn't Unionized...

...or it would be in a real mess.

Yes, sure, the Unions caused a global economic meltdown. All those darn blue collar workers and their crazy schemes to get paychecks and benefits in return for helping the CEOs and their forty-eleven vice presidents and assorted executives collect their multi-million dollar bonuses. Darn blue collar Americans. They're a blight on our society. If we simply put all the investment bankers, real estate agents, mortgage lenders, Enron accountants, and auto executives on the assembly line then I'm sure we'd see that the unions have been the problem all along.

Interesting that only the Big 3 need the UAW and why that they are the only auto manufacturers in such bad shape.

Note to Nobody: Your internet is broken. It apparently only gets Sen. Corker's web site. Here's a handful of recent news stories you may have missed.

RedDog's picture

You do know that enough

You do know that enough Republicans supported passage of the bill that if Reid could have held democratic support the bill would have passed? 8 democrats voted against the bill ensuring that it would not pass.

gonzone's picture

Those damn unions

It's their fault I've got a retirement, damn them!

It's the union's fault I get a decent wage, damn them!

It's the union's fault I get paid vacation and sick leave, damn them!

It's the union's fault I've got health insurance, damn them!

But bless those CEOs, if it weren't for their corruption and greed, we might have fewer poor people! God loves them best too, preacher Olsteen told me so!

"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro."
Hunter S. Thompson

gonzone's picture

Corker Alert

Looks like Corker found his juice.
At the White House, no less.
He's leading the conversation with White House shinola lackeys regarding terms of the auto industry bailout. Glad he finally found a friend.

"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro."
Hunter S. Thompson

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