Jul 28 2008
09:08 pm
By: metulj  shortURL

WELL, THIS MAKES MORE SENSE than that "hated Christians" report, though I suppose the two aren't mutually inconsistent or anything: Police: Accused shooter hated liberals, expected to be killed.

Now what was exactly making more sense? Killing Christians? Killing Liberals? Or Both? Or not in general? Or "I was just kidding and want to buy you a beer!" Or "That's not what I meant." What did you mean, Professor Reynolds?

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And, in your answer, please

And, in your answer, please bear in mind that one of your co-workers was a principal in the apprehension of the perpetrator.


"It's gettin' so a businessman can't expect no return from a fixed fight. Now, if you can't trust a fix, what can you trust?"

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Does it violate the laws of

Does it violate the laws of nature for someone to be both liberal and Christian? Reynolds supposes that it might be possible. Cute.

Brian A.
I'd rather be cycling.

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o rly?

Last I heard there are entire peoples who wish to wipe Christianity off the map. While no killing may "make sense" depending upon your belief system, it happens to be one of the most horrific ways of expressing rage available to the human race.

So it is very disturbing to hear someone with education claim there are shades of degrees when it comes to killing innocent people. Like, "it's OK to kill a liberal, because they are an enemy of our country." Or, "killing a liberal Christian is OK, because they have a 22% differential in their beliefs than I do." In some parts that is called a sectarian view, and people do indeed murder one another under this logic.

I hope, instead, Mr. Reynolds was trying to say that hating "liberal Christians" isn't exclusive of hating "Christians"-- as in, you may hate ALL Christians, but especially liberal ones. Of course, since his "blog" doesn't allow comments, we may never know.

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I've been telling people for

I've been telling people for years that I am a liberal Christian. Prior to and during the 2000 election (if you can call it that) I lost a lot of friends because of my stand.
I would like to know why the national media aren't reporting that there were books by Hannity, Savage and Billo in the perp's house when the police searched it. People need to kow what that garbage can do to a person's head.

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Oh, Glenn never means

Oh, Glenn never means anything by it.

Although it's pretty clear to me that he meant it made more sense for someone to kill liberals than Christians.

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You are reading things into

You are reading things into Reynolds' words that are not there, and you did the same to SayUncle. You are seeing what you want to see.

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So what does he mean?

So what does he mean? Exactly? I haven't read anything into SayUncle. He said he packs at church. Pretty clear. What does Reynolds mean?

True happiness is knowing you are a hypocrite. -- Ivor Cutler

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If I may take a swing at

If I may take a swing at what Glenn meant, I never bought the "hated Christians" motive, which seemed to have been hatched from one interview with one person.

The guy lived in Powell, home of Temple Baptist, First Baptist of Powell. Grace Baptist is just a stones throw away, too -- plus he'd have to drive past Wallace Memorial on his way into town to blow away a small congregation of Unitarians.

If the guy truly hated Christians, it would've made lots more sense for him to have gone to one of those near-by fundy mega churches than to have driven 15 miles to shoot Unitarians.

I suspected a hate crime -- perhaps against gays -- and/or a personal motive from the get-go.

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Betty nailed it. Whenever

Betty nailed it. Whenever there's a story like this, after people hear the details one of the first things they want to understand is motive. Early in the story there were reports that the man had a problem with the bible and hated Christianity. A lot of folks, including me, wondered why if that was the case that he would single out the TVUUC, which doesn't immediately spring to mind as a church you would target if you hated Christianity. It was only later when the details of his letter and statemens came out that it became clear that he hated liberals and gays. That doesn't make what he did make any more sense, but it is a more credible explanation as to why he chose TVUUC than the "hates Christians" theme that emerged in the early hours after the shooting.

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That's more like it. I think

That's more like it. I think one should pick words more carefully when speaking of a matter like this, especially when one has been a critic, regularly and on a large soapbox, of the people who were the victims of this crime (or people like them). "Credible explanation" is way better than "makes sense."

True happiness is knowing you are a hypocrite. -- Ivor Cutler

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Credible explanation

Yes, I meant "credible explanation." It seemed odd to me that someone who "hated Christians" would shoot up a Unitarian church in particular. On the other hand, it's perfectly possible to hate lots of different people, so the two aren't mutually exclusive. Perhaps I was too telegraphic there.

On the other hand, perhaps jumping to the conclusion that I approve of killing liberals was a bit uncharitable, too?

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Telegraphic? No. Telepathic.

"Yes, I meant "credible explanation." It seemed odd to me that someone who "hated Christians" would shoot up a Unitarian church in particular. On the other hand, it's perfectly possible to hate lots of different people, so the two aren't mutually exclusive. Perhaps I was too telegraphic there."

I actually sat and attempted to diagram that sentence in the post. It defied me. I guess I keep forgetting that being a blogger relieves one of the duty of being a clear writer, even when the topic and the moment especially dictate clarity. Thank you for letting your meaning be known.

"On the other hand, perhaps jumping to the conclusion that I approve of killing liberals was a bit uncharitable, too?"

I never said that you approve of such, though that mess of a sentence did nothing to disabuse casual readers of the notion.

True happiness is knowing you are a hypocrite. -- Ivor Cutler

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Instapundit and the Culture of Hate

It's not uncharitable to imagine you would approve of killing liberals. You have been calling them the enemy and "on the other side" since 9/11. I wouldn't doubt that the killer reads your blog along with reading Hannity, et al. There is no difference between your allusions that liberals are on the other side and Adkisson's conclusion that liberals are ruining the country.

I think it's high time you and the other propagandists do a little reflecting on how hateful and dismissive you are of people with opinions different from your own. I realize your audience is minuscule compared with O'Reilly, but you too have blood on your hands.

I am sure you will ignore my comments or answer with a pathetic, passive-aggressive snark, so I suggest if you are thinking of responding in your typical fashion, don't bother. But if you have any balls at all, I think you should first consider that it was a liberal colleague of yours who helped disarm the terrorist, and imagine that he might be reading your response. In other words, be a man.

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What a load of hooey!

Dr. Reynolds, you have to be kidding!

First off, Unitarians are NOT Christian, at least under the banner of Unitarian Universalist. I would have thought you'd have bothered to study comparative religion, since you have now held yourself out as an expert on Christendom.

Next, you and your ilk, the thieving lying drug-addled weasels whom you echo and feed off of, have done nothing BUT feed the hatred hysteria! Did you ever denounce Ann Coulter for asking someone to kill Justice Stevens?

My moeney says no, and I got quite a lot of that, if you want to wager.

YOU should look to your last, shoemaker, and see the subpar souls you've manipulated.

Your patriotism is now in question, sir, and I do hope you can hold up under the examination as well as we liberals have.

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We want to know WHY?

First of all,to try & answer the question of why by accessing blame to anyone from the ramblings of a very disturbed individual is fruitless.

There are factual answers to why.The individual has a history of dark moods & heavy drinking.The individual blames those who are different for his lot in life.The individual has shown vilolent intent & sucidal tendencies.Those factors came together in the travails of his life & resulted in the rage of this horrific act.

However,we can not apply reason to the question of why?

Because reason can not be applied to an unreasonable act.

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Toby, you've made your

Toby, you've made your point, now knock it off. This tragedy touched the lives of numerous people most of us - including Glenn - know personally.

metulj's picture

If I need any calibration of

If I need any calibration of how I make my point, which I admit that I did, I'll ask you for your estimable skills with regard to such, in private.

True happiness is knowing you are a hypocrite. -- Ivor Cutler

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which I admit that I did And

which I admit that I did

And that, of course, is what really matters.

Enjoy your victory lap.

But take care not to slip in the blood.

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As a Unitarian, I understood

As a Unitarian, I understood Glenn's meaning perfectly well. And I had the same reaction to hearing that the motive was liberal-bashing, not Christian-bashing. Why would a Christian-hater start with a church where many of the members don't even claim to be Christians? The majority of Unitarians consider themselves liberals.

As for whether Glenn approves of murder just because he holds political differences, that is absurd. I supported the war in Iraq, and opposed the majority of my fellow Unitarians in doing so. Just because I disagreed with them, and thought their isolationism to be the height of folly, didn't mean that I would ever want them -- or any other group of innocent, unarmed people -- to be attacked by a lunatic murderer.

That's the difference between psychopaths and normal people, after all. Normal people can agree, even passionately, without thinking that it is justified to murder one's opposition. You may disagree with Glenn Reynolds blog, and his politics, but I sincerely hope you would never dream of praising someone who would want to murder him for those views.

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