Apr 24 2006
10:27 pm

Tenneessee is not 100% red, as seen by the growing voices of progressives in blogtopia.  While progressive Tennesseans may not all know about blogging, they do know, or should know about the upcoming Compass III Conference in Nashville, next weekend (April 28-29).  This is being billed as "THE progressive gathering in Tennessee." 

Saturday includes numerous workshops as well as keynote speaker Jim Hightower.  All the workshops look like they will be interesting and informative. 

But, there is one morning workshop that will be of particular interest.  Blogging 101, of which I will be a panelist.  I'll be joining Egalia, Callie, and George to discuss various aspects of blogging.

i feel that this is important, because a number of small groups that I have been involved in over the past few years had not yet grasped the idea of blogs and blogging, and this workshop should give progressive TN'eans a chance to not only understand blogs & blogging, but also embrace blogtopia.

I hope to see you there -- you know what they say, "Be there or be square!"

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I'm a panelist for a

I'm a panelist for a Saturday afternoon workshop on jobs and the environment, and I'll be at the Friday strategy session too. I hope to meet some of the Nashville folks who have become familiar through this website and its predecessor -- CEPetro, Andy Axel, EleanorA...

This will be my first visit to Nashville, so I hope I get to see more than just conference rooms! 

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I'm also hoping to meet some of the folks I've read. Rikki, perhaps I'll see yoiu at lunch on Sat.

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me, too!

I am on the blogging 101 panel on Saturday morning. Hopefully I will see you around.

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