Oct 2 2020
03:10 am

CNN announced at about 1AM that Trump & FLOTUS have tested positive for COVID19. Their testing ensued after his close contact with his aide Hope Hicks who tested positive & is said to be quarantined at home with noticeable symptoms.

For the sake of continuity of concerns of national interest, I surely hope that he will not have serious effects of the deadly disease.

Some reporters on CNN say that this could be a perilous (my word - not theirs) national security concern. Trump has stated that he & Melania will quarantine.

No word yet as to where Pence is, whether he's been tested, or if he is even aware of any potential contingency plans for the distinct possibility that 45 may not be able to run the affairs of his office. One thing you can bet on is that Pence is WORRIED!

Things are getting increasingly complicated - may heaven help us all.

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Pence tests negative

Vice President Mike Pence's press secretary on Twitter Friday morning confirmed that Pence and his wife, Karen, tested negative for Covid-19.

Trump's positive Covid-19 test ...

RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel tests positive for coronavirus

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I'm not buying this. Trump has other problems

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President going to Walter

President going to Walter Reed hospital for a couple of days.

Whether it is covid or something else, something is wrong.

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New Campaign Slogan

Trump 2020: Whether it is covid or something else, something is wrong.

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Great gift is dominating the news cycle. Were not talking about the debate, his tax returns or relief funds or anything else; just Trump. Whether he deserves sympathy even

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It just gets more

It just gets more confusing.

A doctor says the president is improving. Trump does a video like he's pretty much okay. Trump's chief of staff says he is ‘still not on a clear path to a full recovery.’

Is there any truth coming out of this White House?

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That's a rhetorical question,

That's a rhetorical question, right?

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"Many people" on the Twitter

"Many people" on the Twitter believe the video was made at WH before hospital trip and they detect at least one edit.

Interesting that the issue of national security is not receiving more attention, though of course the issue of Trump's own security risk due to personal foreign debt has also received nary a shrug.

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Ahhh, that's just fake news that has been espoused by the Dems to make the Donald look bad! Yeah right... & if you believe that, I have some great swampland I'd like to sell you.

Actually, the idea of a faked video makes perfect sense to me now. It would certainly explain why the WH PR people are at odds with the Drs. & some others.

I wonder as well, why Nat. security is nearly absent from the media. Could it be because we don't want to give our adversaries any ideas or maybe just so that 45 doesn't get agitated & do something that can't be reversed?

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Welllll....The president


The president held a little parade for his supporters.


Is he sick?
Is this a hoax?

Are all the three senators, his staff , etc. sick?

He is going to miraculously get well quicker and better than anyone in the world!!!!!

Would hate to be the Secret Service agent in the parade car with someone that supposedly has a bad case of coronavirus.

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unknown quantities

I've considered the possibility of a hoax. The mask covered most of his face so it really could be just about anyone that has a bad wig. I'm pretty sure Alec Baldwin is not working now!

Yes, of course, he'll get well better than ANYONE in the world (HIS world) - because "I'm superior in every way and will MAGA" - HA - alrighty then

SS agents should be getting hazardous duty pay - no kiddin', I mean it!

I believe that it will eventually be revealed that 45 is and has been a super-spreader.

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