Aug 4 2014
03:01 pm

Of course, there never WAS any "there" there.


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The damaging impact of

The damaging impact of consciously refusing Medicaid expansion dwarfs anything I have seen that could possibly be construed from what happened in Benghazi.

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What will they pursue next?

What will they pursue next?

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Trying to keep up

Immigration. A lawsuit for not enacting the law they're refusing to support.

Next up: Impeachment. Because... BENGHAAZZZIIII!!!!!

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Lois Lerner

Lois Lerner

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Just ignore those assholes behind the curtain. And the ones spewing nonsense out in front of the curtain as well.

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The GOP has raised boatloads

The GOP has raised boatloads of money off this and no doubt will not slow down anytime soon. I can't think of anything similar that left groups do in kind.

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I love this lawsuit that the

I love this lawsuit that the GOP is pushing. Basically, the tactic is to depose everybody under the sun, then depose Obama. When Obama contradicts a subordinate in his deposition, then claim that he lied under oath and that counts as "high crime and misdemeanor." Then impeach him, lose the case in the Senate if the Dems hold, or get to throw him out of office if insanity prevails in a GOP controlled Senate. They truly hate that we have a black president and will do anything to get him out of office, except run a viable GOP candidate against him. HRC is sitting back and watching it all with glee.

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Well, they did set that

Well, they did set that precedent (the lying under oath in a civil deposition thing) with Clinton.

But I don't think even a Republican controlled Senate would actually convict. That would give them Biden, and they certainly don't want that.

They'd love wasting a year to go through the process tho. It would give them an excuse for not dealing with anything important.

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They need

an excuse?

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But that's a defensive move.

But that's a defensive move. As bad as Bush/Cheney crimes actually were, who other than the extreme fringe (in Congress, for example!) called for impeachment? Maybe Kucinich. But that's a singularity too.

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Bush/Cheney and Regents University

People can say what they want about Obama and the law, at least he respects it enough not to have a bunch of Pat Robertson's flunkies changing it to fit his whims.

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Maybe this is next

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Luckily, I am almond blush.

Luckily, I am almond blush.

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President Obama’s use of executive orders in historical terms

From Yahoo News ...

Moreover, President Obama has issued the fewest executive orders per year, at 33.27 annually, since President Grover Cleveland’s first term in the White House.

President Obama’s use of executive orders in historical terms

Executive orders by president

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For the next campaign, I

For the next campaign, I guess. He's done in 2. Plus, it avoids offering solutions to problems.

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