Dec 26 2013
12:18 pm
By: michael kaplan  shortURL

Another great article by Matt Taibbi in Rolling Stone


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All over the country, we've

All over the country, we've been so busy arguing over who's productive and who isn't that we might not be noticing that the whole ship is going down. There's no lesson in any of it, just a giant mess that still isn't cleaned up.

So there it is.

But the story, like Detroit’s, starts 40 years ago. And there are plenty of lessons. Voters who can do math are the ones who need to learn them. People in cities where this doesn’t happen deserve to have their cities die, and as Tiabbi points out, it’s everywhere to some degree.

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I was curious how he would

I was curious how he would end the article. It's both chilling and inconclusive -- he just doesn't dare go there ...

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I finally had time to read

I finally had time to read the article. Fascinating.

they have a plan now for retaking Camden's streets one impenetrable neighborhood at a time, using old-school techniques like foot patrols and simple get-to-know-you community interactions (new officers stop and talk to residents as a matter of strategy and policy). But the plan also involves the use of space-age cameras and military-style surveillance, ...
[in one community of Camden] a policeman in a paramilitary-style uniform, all steel-blue with a baseball-style cap, stands on guard. There's one of these sentries every few hundred feet, each seemingly within eyesight of the other

for a second or two it looks like it's working - only the whole thing might be rendered moot in the end by the collapse of the rest of America

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It would help if there were

It would help if there were living wage jobs. I had a conversation this weekend about Levi Strauss moving jeans production abroad ten years ago. We estimated the labor savings at around $4 per pair ($8.00 an hour vs $0.40 an hour) and how shipping from Asia might balance the labor saving. Imagine jeans produced in East Tennessee for the East Tennessee regional market. Could we not produce 501-style jeans that sold for $40 a pair? Maybe the county government (in its next incarnation) could restore and operate some of the empty garment factories. Call it insourcing ...

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