Dec 25 2013
03:17 pm

I came across this and was curious if anyone had seen it in practice and if it had an impact.

You vary the lighting in the classroom dependent on the activity being done.

SchoolVision supports the rhythm of activity in the classroom with four different lighting scenarios. The teacher is able to select the most appropriate scene via a touchpad. Normal is for regular classroom activities, Energy helps to invigorate pupils when they need to be more active, Focus aids concentration during challenging tasks and Calm brings a relaxing ambience to individual work or quiet time.


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In this area

The company I work for has been involved in many of the new and renovated schools in our area and surrounding counties. We haven't seen this incorporated in any of the schools. And Knox County's master program doesn't have that complex of lighting controls as a requirement. The lighting does have to meet the energy codes in place now, which can mean daylight sensing and shut off during unoccupied times. Lighting levels are controllable to allow video projection and smart board use, just not as complex as the School Vision.

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Classroom Lighting

As a lighting professional, we've attempted to address design-critical lighting practices to the greater ETN design communities (architects, EE, etc.) for years. However, budget drives the entire discussion and as a result the issue of human performance is rarely addressed. Remarkably, maintenance folks often make choices for lighting based upon what they have in a closet...

Advancing technologies such as LED, are expanding our understanding of how we react to light and issues such as color temperature, and how it impacts not only the learning environment but more importantly, human performance.

Alas, when the State typically ranks in the bottom 5 of education quality, and building to a budget and nothing else drives the process, you can probably assume that lighting quality and it's effective application in the classroom isn't likely to be a hot topic the planning process...

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