Dec 23 2013
01:31 pm

Insurance company Esurance is providing a device called Drivesafe that plugs into the diagnostics port of most automobiles built after 1996 and, coupled with an Android app, allows parents to set limits on what the driver is allowed to do with the smart phone while the car is in motion.

Parents can block certain smartphone functions while the car is moving such as use of social media apps, text messaging, email or web browsing, but still allow teens to receive calls from Mom and Dad, dial 911 or access Bluetooth hands-free functions.

Apple says, "No third party application can block iPhone functionality." So there!

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Of course the thing will also

Of course the thing will also report to Daddy Esurance when any driver of the vehicle has been naughty or nice.

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allows parents to set limits

allows parents to set limits on what the driver is allowed to do with the smart phone while the car is in motion

Shouldn't the limit be, the person can do nothing with their smart phone while driving? What could be important enough that a young person should be distracted from the process of moving a 3,000 pound object amongst the rest of us?

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Texting behind the wheel. It's not just kids anymore.

Two different times yesterday I needed to both honk and flash headlights at the car sitting at the light in front of me when the light had changed and started to get stale. Wonder what they were doing. It crossed my mind the second time that the driver could have instead gotten out of their car and assaulted me. I needed to be persistent in both cases before the light changed back.

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