Dec 22 2013
07:14 am

Shameless self-promotion warning

Occasionally I write something I really like. Occasionally.

My News Sentinel column this week falls into that lonely category.

Crappy Christmases?

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really enjoyed it.

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I struggle with Christmas,

I struggle with Christmas, for reasons similar to those you outlined.

Buying stuff people don't need and cooking for people who aren't hungry drags a body down at some point. So I do what I can to help other folks, and that helps some, although there's so much need...

But for pure old down and out blue funk despair?

New Year's Eve. Nothing beats it for me.

No matter what I'm doing (or not doing), the most I ask from that night is to get past it, and I've quit hoping for visits from the ghosts of New Years Past. New Year's Day is fine because it marks beginnings, but New Year's Eve is a beyotch.

p.s: Oh, yeah; that was a lovely column. Obviously struck a chord. Or a heartstring...

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Thanks. There's a lot to be

Thanks. There's a lot to be said for lowered expectations.

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Growing up with five

Growing up with five siblings, we tended to get a little rambunctious. My Dad would take the TV away for months as a result. It was also because he didn't want us watching too much TV.Expectations.

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Thanks, Moon. I really liked

Thanks, Moon. I really liked that.

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