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C'mon man! Don't quit just because you let your friends, neighbors, teachers, principals, schools, and community down. Stand up and be proud of your vote and 3 minute ramble supporting more waste of tax payers dollars. Long be remembered as a weak and fearful board member. Used and ditched.

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One down, eight to go.

One down, eight to go.

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Hmm. R. Larry or Severence?

Hmm. R. Larry or Severence? Hmmm some more.

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Six of one. Thought R. Larry

Six of one. Thought R. Larry was running for some other office.

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Guess you didn't read the

Guess you didn't read the story:

Her departure opened the way for County Commissioner R. Larry Smith to seek the post. He is term limited on commission, representing the 7th District.

“It makes it more interesting,” Smith said Friday. “I’m going to go pick up a petition.”

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Guess I don't have a

Guess I don't have a subscription and was relying on my memory of events a few weeks back, when he was catching heck for opening his fool mouth.

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R. Larry and Kim

I've spoken with both -- R. Larry is running and has been. Hard to see anyone beating him in District 7 -- name recognition + money + organization. It is, however, nonpartisan so everyone votes. Will work against Larry.

Kim was not bluffed out by Larry. She legitimately needed a job ... and got one that didn't permit her to hold office.

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I will respectfully disagree

I will respectfully disagree with Clark on this one. Teachers, the vast majority of whom are women, can make or break a school board candidate. R. Larry has significant liabilities regarding women that may just catch up with him this election cycle.

I don't think that smothering the district with signs and running agin' McIntyre will be enough.

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Can't beat

somebody with nobody, Beanster.

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It's early to be crowning R.

It's early to be crowning R. Larry. Don't think there's a shortage of potential candidates.

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I'm with Bean. People were

I'm with Bean. People were paying attention when he was blathering about Brotles not needing to be at a Women's meeting recently. And from where I sit there are plenty of folks ready to run in all the districts. It's going to be an intense school board election year.

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Remember R. Larry Said,

Remember, R. Larry said a County Commissioner should know everything she needs to know by the time she takes her seat. If I was his opponent I would make hay over this anti-education statement.

R.Larry = recycled yahoo.

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