Dec 20 2013
03:50 pm

If a recipe calls for Kosher salt and you don't have any and are substituting table salt, use about 1/2 as much table salt as the recipe calls for. Trust me.

(Salt is salt for the most part, and one salt isn't any saltier than another. The difference is the volume v. weight. 1/2 tsp. of Kosher salt is less salt by weight than 1/2 tsp. of table salt because the Kosher salt is coarser. And as the Mrs. frequently reminds me, you can always add more, but you can't take it away.)

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Heck, we'll just add another

Heck, we'll just add another salt to the pantry along with the regular salt, and the coarse and fine sea salts.

Moving on to sugar. A new recipe (Espresso shortbread cookies) calls for demerara sugar or turbinado sugar, relatively unprocessed cane sugar. Luckily these sugars can be used in recipes in place of plain sugar. I hate buying things that have very few uses. Both appear to be popular for coffee or sweet tea.

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I too hate buying things with

I too hate buying things with few uses. Every year when I make my Christmas cookies, I buy baking powder. And the next year I throw it out and buy some more. :)

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I used to use so much baking

I used to use so much baking powder, I bought the big packages of it at Sam's because I bought 25 pound sacks of bread flour and occasionally used it for biscuits. Instead of buying self-rising flour, I made my own.

I'm so lazy now, I just buy Pillsbury frozen biscuits and I haven't baked bread in over a year.

I do recommend buying big packages of instant yeast at Sam's though. Bread yeast at the supermarket is so overpriced what with the popularity of bread machines and the package at Sam's is downright cheap. It comes in two bricks. Give one to a friend and you'll both have yeast long past its sell-by date.

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Two sugars- raw and brown are all you need if you happen to have a vita-mix.

The issue I ran into is that organic and or raw powdered sugar will never be white when made into icing.

Sugar in the raw does indeed make a fine fine sweet tea!

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I got an interesting recipe

I got an interesting recipe the other day for a two-minute microwave chocolate fudge. I haven't tried it yet but my friend Ian's mum made it (with just a touch of added Cointreau) and he pronounced it wonderful, if a bit rich.

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I've been making my own

I've been making my own cheese recently. A rennet tablet and some unhomogenized milk and you can have haloumi, etc. A gallon of 190 degree milk and a cup of Bragg's apple cider vinegar gives you a light farmer's cheese to die for.

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Pillsbury frozen biscuits Try

Pillsbury frozen biscuits

Try Mary B's frozen buttermilk biscuits. Better than I can make without some effort.

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I'll try those for when I get

I'll try those for when I get a craving at home.

I recommend Mendy's buttermilk biscuits over at Scotties on Clinton Highway for breakfast. She gets there at 3 AM to start on them and she's been doing it for over 35 years. Top one of them with her sausage gravy for a treat. Here lately though she runs out of them pretty early in the day.

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Mom used to make a fine

Mom used to make a fine raisin pie and she was known for it at those covered dish dos in her circle.

She took one to a family Christmas dinner once and we discovered she had accidentally used salt in place of sugar.

Quelle Surprise!

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Reminds me of the wonderful

Reminds me of the wonderful chocolate cake I make. One time I got in a bit of a hurry and left out the sugar. We couldn't figure out why it was so thin until we tasted it. Yuck!

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