Jan 7 2013
03:19 pm
By: metulj  shortURL

Krugman endorses minting a $1 trillion platinum coin to thwart the GOP stupid. Heads-that-don't-understand-that-money-is-completely-made-up-in-those-same-heads explode.

R. Neal's picture

That's hilarious. Obama

That's hilarious. Obama should so do this.

metulj's picture

He should and, to thwart the

He should and, to thwart the know-nothings, it would not do a damn thing to inflation as it would not circulate.

redmondkr's picture

I've been reading about this

I've been reading about this infamous coin for a few days now. Talk about getting some Republican knickers in a knot!

metulj's picture

They've already submitted a

They've already submitted a bill trying to take the power away from the Treasury Sec, but, uh, Obama would have to sign it. I know he won't do it, but just having that ace card is enough.

Knoxoasis's picture

Mint 16 of them and offer

Mint 16 of them and offer them to holders of our debt. Then mint two a year and let the party begin! In fact, mint enough to give one to every man woman and child in the US and we'll all be trillionaires! Utopia awaits. We just need bold action. What could go wrong?

metulj's picture

And here appears a person who

And here appears a person who doesn't understand "money."

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