Nov 28 2012
09:09 pm

Just use a recess appointment. Game. Set. Match.

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Recess appointment

I don't think that plays internationally. SecState needs Senate approval.

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All you are doing is making

All you are doing is making the case.

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It will play.

She'll be a fine representative and negotiator.

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Internationally? You really

Internationally? You really think that the Chinese give a ratsass about Senate approval? The Germans? The English? The Russkies?
Surely you didn't type that with a straight face...

But I don't see the problem -- just change the filibuster rules on Day One with a simple majority and ram it through. The Republican Rice objections are just a smokescreen anyhow. They want Kerry out of the Senate because they think they can plug Scott Brown into the vacancy. That's really what this is about -- they can't win fair and square, and and after all this palaver about reaching out to women, minorities and young people, they are tone deaf enough to be out there on the point of the spear trying to ruin a young black woman.

Screw em. Obama has reached out to them countless times and drawn back a nub; those who give no quarter have no right to expect it.

And McCain
can keep building his legacy as a bitter old loser.

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Yes, I do think it makes a difference. And I do think it can matter overseas.

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They really don't care.

They really don't care.

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Yes, I do think it makes a difference. And I do think it can matter overseas.

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As usual Rachael Maddow has

As usual Rachael Maddow has some interesting thoughts on this. Senators Collins, McCain, and Ayotte are not only attacking Susan Rice, they are saying John Kerry would be a shoo in, why not nominate him?

Why not, indeed?

Overlook the fact that these three Republicans campaigned for Scott Brown in his failed attempt to prevent Elizabeth Warren from taking his Massachusetts Senate seat and never mind the fact that a John Kerry nomination would bring on a special election to fill his seat from that state, raising their hopes for the possibility of adding another Republican Senator.

Now, as to why Shorty Corker has waded into the fray, well he just likes to generously provide the benefit of his vast expertise on everything doesn't he?

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Someone might ask him about

Someone might ask him about the recess appointment of John Bolton, ho ho ho.

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The brown-skinned majority of

The brown-skinned majority of this side of the globe was not fond of that appointment, but it wasn't because of the appointment process. Council on Hemispheric Affairs:

the possible ascension of ultraconservative political appointee John Bolton will stress the Bush administration’s conversion of the agency from a relatively passive and ineffective dissenter under Colin Powell, to an aggressive crusader for the administration’s ideologically-driven foreign policy agenda in the second term.
In conjunction with new CIA director Porter Goss, who has instructed subordinates to “not identify with, support or champion opposition to the administration or its policies,” Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfield, Rice and possibly Bolton as the top officials at State, the Bush administration almost certainly will maintain its unilateral and bullying approach to foreign policy making.
Bolton is ill-suited for the position of Deputy Secretary of State, due to a career characterized by a reflexive animosity for global cooperation, multilateral institutions, alliance building, international law and consensus making.
Bolton’s constant battering of what he views as the “demonic” forces of the left can only further erode Washington’s deteriorating standing with moderate and more ideological left-of center Latin American governments.

Our foreign policy image is a little different these days, like 30,000 supportive Libyans in the streets different.

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pretty much my point

Anyone opposing Rice on the grounds that Senate confirmation is somehow necessary should reflect upon how Bolton was failed upwards.

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"The question is a novel one,

"The question is a novel one, and the substantial arguments on each side create some litigation risk for such appointments," and that party resumes Dec. 5.

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OH, Yeah, these dingbats think they can mandate...

every little thing they will 'allow' our President to do for the next 4 years. He has been treated with so little respect the first 4 years, and he won his re-election by a huge margin this time, that they must learn that they do NOT rule America, and he has a REAL mandate to do what he thinks is right in the next 4. They have NO position, no authority, no respect. McCain is a bitter old loser, and Graham is his sidekick...the female Senator is so new that she will continue to go along with their hatred of Susan Rice.

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McCain, who picked Sarah Palin to be a heartbeat away

McCain and Graham need to be called out on this repeatedly until they STFU.

In 2005, when President Bush nominated Condoleezza Rice as secretary of state, many Democrats hammered her for making misleading remarks about Saddam Hussein’s supposed possession of weapons of mass destruction in the run-up to the invasion of Iraq. Bear in mind that Rice had been Bush’s national security adviser, front and center during the WMD hype, not a peripheral figure like U.N. ambassador. Yet who stood up for that Rice most fervently in the Senate? Lindsey Graham and John McCain.


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I had a professor in grad

I had a professor in grad school who shared an office at the Hoover Institute with Condi Rice. She said that she spent most of her time with her feet up on her desk, talking to various GOP political types, and bragging about her dissertation.

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Won't work

To make a recess appointment, you actually need to have a Congressional recess. Given that Congress will dillydally over the "fiscal cliff" issue right up until New Year's Eve, there is not likely to be a sufficient recess to make such an appointment.

Aside from that point, it would simply be a bad idea. The Secretary of State is the top cabinet position. Having that position filled through a recess appointment will immediately start the President's second term on shaky ground. Additionally, a recess appointment only holds office until the end of the next session of Congress. Rice would never be able to be eventually confirmed under those circumstances, and we do not need to further ratchet up the politicization of our foreign policy.

In this case, there are far better ways to tell the obstructionists in the Senate to shove it. I think the last election fairly well proved that Pres. Obama has been playing three-dimensional chess all along. There is no reason for him to stop now.

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