Nov 19 2012
12:33 pm

The City of Alcoa sent a letter and survey to residents regarding the Recylebank program. The letter cites "glitches" that are "of serious concern," including missed pickups and earned points not being posted to accounts. As compensation, Recyclebank is giving 500 additional points to all active accounts.

The survey gauges customer sentiment with regard to various aspects of the program, including perception of the bonus reward values. One question asks how customers would feel if the city discontinued the Recyclebank program but still provided roll out carts and bi-weekly pickup at no charge without the Recyclebank rewards.

On the plus side, the city says the program has diverted 840 tons of solid waste from the landfill in its first year and a half of operation. The City of Knoxville launched the program in Oct. 2011, but does not charge an additional fee like Alcoa.


City of Alcoa launches RecycleBank
RecycleBank update: the numbers


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