Nov 5 2012
08:09 am
By: R. Neal  shortURL

538: Obama chance of winning 86.3%, Romney 13.7%. Projected electoral votes: 307.2 for Obama v. 230.8 for Romney.

Intrade: Obama 68.4%, Romney 31.5%.

I think it's closer than this, but fingers crossed.

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U. Va. Center for Politics:

U. Va. Center for Politics: Obama Will Likely Win Second Term

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WTF is this doing on the KNS

WTF is this doing on the KNS website?

Obama favored in his ancestral Kenyan village

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KNS has essentially become a

KNS has essentially become a trolling platform to get page views from the GOP base. Cokie Roberts (spit after saying that name) noted on NPR this morning that polling shows the likely Romney voter is a white male and possessed of only a high school education. McElroy et al. have foisted an elaborate system designed to piss these guys off and get them to hit refresh over and over and over.

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AP story

This is an AP story that's been in Time and Salon. Granted it is goofy but hardly a Cornspiracy.

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Goofy or not, it is designed

Goofy or not, it is designed to get the droolers in a lather.

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Fair and Balanced Reporting...

Would require checking with Mexicans to see if they favor Romney. I doubt it but it's only fair, you know.

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