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But his wife can't show her

But his wife can't show her face in church.

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And, no, I am not condemning

And, no, I am not condemning his religious beliefs. It may seem odd or wrong to some people, but try explaining Roman Catholic beliefs to a Thai Buddhist (You think you are eating flesh?) or Southern Baptists to Eastern Orthodox people in Serbia (You mean you can be a complete bastard as long as you are saved?). Mormonism, if this video is to be believed is pretty ritual based. One ritual element is that women must be veiled when the elders are praying as the prayer seems to be no good if they gaze upon a woman while doing it. Fascinating.

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I am.

Oppression is oppression, even when the oppressed are to brainwashed to know they are.

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I'm e-mailing it wildly, Bob!

This one should be every bit as popular as the Avery binder reviews on Amazon!

What fun!

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Oh my

That video shows some seriously f@&*ed up shit. Very disturbing. I wonder if there's denial about its authenticity.

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GOP Race Advisory Chart

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