Sep 28 2012
10:37 am

The Romney campaign is conceding the debates before they are even held, saying Obama will win them.

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This of course is a tactic to

This of course is a tactic to lower expectations for Romney so that they can say he performed "better than expected."

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try not to get too excited .. rather SOP.

Someone else making similar claims..


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Haha. Trouble is, Barack

Haha. Trouble is, Barack Obama is not Rick Perry.

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I suppose, but I was

talking more about the lowering expectations routine than anything else (of course then Christie hit the airwaves so perhaps never mind).

Barry is going to win the Knoxviews vote if he comes out and stares at the camera for 90 minutes. There is going to be some breathless high-fiving over on these Internets if O comes out and does nothing but glare at the camera for 90 minutes.

Maybe Stephanopoulos will call it for him. There's some story floating around on the internets how he has called the last 9 or so for the Democrats.

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After the September that

After the September that Money Boo Boo has had, Obama need only stand there and make sure his fingernails look good. Amazing that you can transfer to Obama the results of one of the most inept campaigns ever.

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Republicans are complaining

Republicans are complaining about the methodology used by the media in their polling. They say they are obviously not taking into account the effect of their new voter suppression techniques. Just because a voter says he or she plans to vote for Obama, that doesn't necessarily indicate that an actual vote will be placed.

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