Apr 30 2012
07:07 am

KNS reporter Mike Donila has quit blogging to spend more time with his family or something. With the curious disclaimer that anything you might have heard to the contrary is not true.

Let's look at a timeline. Donila appears on the scene to cover county government. Says the suits told him he had to have a blog. He resurrects Screams from the Porch. Knox Co. Schools wants a $35 million budget bump. KNS adopts an editorial policy supporting it. Knox Co. Mayor says not just no but hell no if it involves a tax increase. Donila is chummy with Knox Co. Mayor. Donila questions Knox Co. Schools central office staffing, especially the nearly half-million dollar communications shop. Donila quits blogging. KNS education reporter does an in-depth comparative analysis of school system central office staffing in a "move along, nothing to see here" article.

I'm sure there's more, or probably less, you could read in to all this. But it makes for good soap opera. And we will miss Donila's blog, for sure.

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just admit the truth Barker

"The key word is "operational." The chart deals with the operations budget and does not include the portion devoted to facilities and technology upgrades (though those numbers are given below the chart itself - as I said, I'm not going to defend their graphics people)."

Barker. Page 15 of the final BOE budget includes all the funds through FY17. All funds. Including facilities and technology upgrades. And the total is still $458 million dollars for FY17.

Barker you even admit above that if all funds are included the total is $458 million dollars for FY17.

I had asked you respectfully to show how that is possible to have a Grand Total of $458 million dollars for all funds if the Structural Operating Increase is $35 million dollars a year. Which we all agree it is.

The $458 million dollar figure can only be arrived at if the Structural Operating Increase is $7 million dollars a year. Which we all know is not true.

The correct figure for all funds in the final BOE budget through FY 17 is $598 million dollars. I want you to acknowledge that Barker. Because it is the truth.

Just admit it and apologize and we will move on.


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