Apr 17 2012
07:55 pm

Tim Burchett crafted legislation to exempt his own industry from inspections, then blames "environmentalists" for the problem that is choking this city with smoke. I wonder if his "buddy" (you know the guy what knows stuff and what not) told him all about it.


I guess a fish kill and capricious winds shifting the focus of the smoke onslaught from UT Campus to Downtown to Mechanicsville to Oakwood is something of which the Sierra Club should be ashamed? No. No. No. It was "Gaia" with her horrible rain and wind storms that caused the 50,000+ tons of green waste. And, we're quoting Agenda 21 here, do you know worships "Gaia?" That's right: Environmentalists.

It's risible and that little tantrum is just indicative of his lack of governing and, frankly, leadership abilities. But, you know, he's got a buddy who will figure it all out.

vernon's picture

We used to be allowed to to

We used to be allowed to to get a permit for a pit burner.It was a great way to get rid of brush when clearing a site.It was set up to burn lots of trees fast and clean.A 60 foot long 15 ft wide 10-15 ft deep trench with a huge blower to create a fast burning fire pit.It worked great and we could get rid of alot of brush quickly with virtually no smoke.But they were outlawed by knox city and county.Maybe it was the environmental crowd that got them outlawed,I know it wasn t any one with common sense,Anyway it creates enormous problems in dealing with mulch.
Oh well, back to organizing my notices of violation.

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