Apr 6 2012
11:25 pm
By: michael kaplan  shortURL

The patch of trees between the Bearden Kroger and Homberg Place have been cleared for yet another fast food restaurant. It was one of the very few remaining green spots on the stretch of Kingston Pike between Sequoia Hills and Papermill Drive, an oasis-like respite from the heat and light reflecting off the concrete and asphalt. I used to park in the shade of that patch when shopping at Kroger.

vernon's picture

good thing its not your neighborhood,

Are we bashing tree cutting or chik fil a,Chik fil a is a pretty successful and wholesome company,I d say they serve anyone,Its just naive and stupid to to expect people developing a small site to spend money working around a bunch of hack-berries so you people can feel good as you drop off you recycling trash.You guys are the most self centered bunch of busy body complainers I ve ever seen.Maybe mind your own business is a phrase you may want to run by yourself each time you look and complain about what someone else is doing with their land."maybe you should refuse to sit under other peoples shade trees until chik fil a replaces the trees that YOU feel have been wrongly removed.After all YOU are the most important person in all this.


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