Feb 22 2012
01:03 pm

Authoritarian legal scholar and former Attorney General of the United States, Alberto Gonzales, is speaking at UT Law in about 25 minutes. I just found out from a law student who will be in attendance. Not a single mention of this event anywhere I can find.

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Clarence Thomas was there

Clarence Thomas was there last year.

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Pure speculation on my part,

Pure speculation on my part, but one reason for not widely publicizing (or publicizing at all) the event could be what I encountered when I tried to see Justice Thomas last year: You couldn't get in. It was like standing in a subway car on New Year's Eve. It may be the law school invited Gonzales for the benefit of law students and faculty only, many of whom will be required to attend his lecture, in all likelihood, and outsiders just ain't welcome.

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for the benefit of? huh?

for the benefit of? huh?

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Apparently there was a press

Apparently there was a press release last week:


It says the talk is open to the public.

It also says he's at Belmont now. Sounds about right.

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It was promoted at the law

It was promoted at the law school.


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who would want to hear him

who would want to hear him speak anyway?

check this out.

Alberto Gonzales, the 80th U.S. attorney general and one of the worst, wants you to know that he is "disappointed" in his conduct surrounding the U.S. attorney scandal, the Bush-era politicization of the Justice Department. Actually, he doesn't necessarily want you to know. Otherwise he long ago would have told you and the rest of the world. Instead, he simply said as much during a deposition in an ongoing Privacy Act case brought (years ago) against government officials.

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I want to see him in prison,

I want to see him in prison, with Rumsfeld, Cheney and the rest for war crimes!

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