Nov 9 2011
11:46 am

Advanced Pain Therapeutics has opened across the street from the corner of Woodland Ave and Huron St near St. Mary's Hospital. A quick drive through the parking lot reveals Georgia, Florida, and North Carolina tags on cars and many rural East Tennessee county tags. People are sleeping in cars as well. Is this a legitimate business? Given the Sheriff's deputy cruising the alley behind the facility, one must wonder.

This is the border between Old North Knoxville and Oakwood, which are two quiet neighborhoods filled with beautiful homes and lots of working class people with kids. Residents should be vigilant as property crime could go up if this is a pill mill. As a matter of fact, the authorities need to reassure us that this is not a pill mill. If it is, then it needs to be shut down forthwith.

gonzone's picture

Sounds like it has all the

Sounds like it has all the markings of a pill mill.

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Supposedly, they've been

Supposedly, they've been flyering the area. All the trappings of a pill mill. Time for the take down!

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There was a stranger sleeping

There was a stranger sleeping in his car on my street in North Knoxville last night. My car lights woke him up, and I think he drove off then. Not good.

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We've had all kinds of foot

We've had all kinds of foot traffic up and down our sleepy little street. It is all tied to this!

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A little close to the high

A little close to the high school. Seems like there should be a way to eliminate these types of businesses. Why can't people get what they need from a regular physician?

There used to be one a little further out Broadway, behind Buddy's bar-b-q. Someone I know had to go into a business right next to it all the time. Said it was not good, all kinds of remnants in the parking lots.

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Why can't people get what

Why can't people get what they need from a regular physician?

Exactly. The pain med epidemic in this country is a symptom of our broken health care system. If these folks were to go to a regular doctor, they would be told "Whoa, you've got a pain med addiction going here" and they would receive the care needed to beat it. Unfortunately, they can't.

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Real doctors (1) constantly

Real doctors (1) constantly seek the cause instead of treating the symptom, (2) know that drugs for terminal illness should not be used for chronic pain management (3) treat the whole person, (4) send people to rehab and (5) are not the new version of methadone clinics.

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Cathy, as one who has had experience in this 'issue'...

I responded to a recent letter to Editor/KNS from the Director of the Metropolitan Drug Commission as she asked for support and help regarding prescription drug dependence and addiction:

1) Demand that Congress tell the FDA to BAN and take off the market ALL derivatives of the most powerful and addicting pain meds like Oxycontin. If a person has a need for powerful pain relief, if he has a good, competent physician who CARES about his patients, the MD could find other methods of treating chronic and/or severe pain.

2) Tell Congress to STOP funding the 'drug wars' as this is an infamous failure. Today thousands of lives are lost from crimes committed by drug seekers. Tell the DOJ to concentrate on the real threats to life and health: like from meth and prescription drugs. And create a national education program, like the ones used via mental health organizations back in the 70s (before Reagan's "Just Say NO") to teach children (and uneducated adults, especially parents!) about the dangers of substances that can easily kill or addict children.

As was indicated in the KNS series "Pill Sick", the tendency of dependence on alcohol and prescription drugs is if society agrees to cut off the Source, the cause of the scourge would be a Number One priority. AND if this country would provide comprehensive education, via schools, churches, other social groups, I predict this would change the dynamic.

HOWEVER, many members of Congress continue to whine about 'regulations' killing jobs (Duncan and now his sister!)because they would never vote to regulate their largest contributors...Big Drugs, Big Oil, Big Coal, etc.

I know about this subject. The tools to fight this national crisis are out there...but no one in power will touch any possible solutions that would upset their "campaign contributions"!

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I hope that the "focus" on meth will not include making pseudoephedrine (Sudafed) a prescription only. I take OTC medicine pseudoephedrine when I need to in order to control some respiratory issues. My doctor at UT recommended this medication. Since I do not have insurance and no longer have a primary care physician but I am able to use medication containing pseudoephedrine to treat some of my symptoms, I would appreciate not having the effective retail cost of my medication raised to the hundreds of dollars by requiring a doctors visit and prescription just because other people have an out of control drug problem.

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Confusing google trail

Records associate this guy with the company, which may have been at a different location before. Not sure if it is the same guy or if he is still associated.

Tennessee Department of Health: Licensure Verification and Practice Profile


Business Entity Detail

Name: Advanced Pain Therapeutics of Knoxville, TN, LLC, Status: Active, Initial Filing Date: 08/18/2011, Formed in: Knox County, Principal Office: 900 EAST WOODLAND AVE, KNOXVILLE, TN 37917 USA, Member Managed, Number of Members: 1

Tennessee Department of Health: Licensure Discipline

Foster, Allen R Profession: Medical Doctor Lic #:31234 License restricted effective December 24, 2010, from writing prescriptions for controlled substances, writing of prescriptions by any other providers, or supervising any other provider who writes prescriptions for controlled substances

KNS, Knox Co. liens Jul. 7 Advanced Pain Therapeutics, May 9, 0065078, $362,108.88

KNS: Doctor pleads guilty to health care fraud

A Knoxville doctor admitted he ripped off the Tenncare and Medicare health care programs by billing face-to-face visits for patients he never saw.Dr. Allen R. Foster pleaded guilty Tuesday in U.S. District Court to charges of health care fraud and failing to file an income tax return. Foster operated pain clinics in Morristown and on East Woodland Avenue in Knoxville. According to documents, Fostercrafted what he termed a 'fast-track system' for established patients.

USDOJ: US Attorney's Office - Eastern District of Tennessee

KNOXVILLE, Tenn.--Allen R. Foster, M.D., 49, a resident of Gatlinburg, Tenn., who previously practiced medicine in the Morristown and Knoxville areas, was sentenced today by the Honorable Thomas W. Phillips, U.S. District Judge, to serve one year in federal prison, followed by three years of supervised release. Foster was also ordered to pay restitution to Medicare in the amount of $74,307 and to TennCare in the amount of $65,837. Additionally, Foster was ordered to pay $596,761.07, in restitution to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This sentence follows Foster's February 22, 2011, guilty pleas to health care fraud and tax related offenses. Pursuant to the plea agreement, Foster also agreed to surrender his license to practice medicine to the Tennessee Board of Medical Examiners.

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I have nothing against

I have nothing against treating people suffering with chronic pain conditions, which can be helped in no other reasonable way other than by prescribing medications, to make their lives more bearable instead of a living hell of dibilitating pain. These unfortunate people are the ones who are the innocent victims being made to suffer by those who abuse the system just to get high or feel good. The Dr. Foster type of doctors mentioned in this thread prey on the people with chronic pain as a way to cover their more shady prescribing of medications to pill heads who are a blight on society. Their so called pain clinics should not be allowed to practice being what is actually a drug dealer wrapped in doctors white coats. Most of the "pain clinics" should be shut down, especially when they attract addicts to their office, and thus cause the legitimate patients to have to wade through them and be intimidated by them, just to be treated for their chronic pain. We, as a society, need to take better care of those suffering with chronic pain, and if we did, these pain clinics could and would be better regulated. Get that "pain clinic" out of Old North Knoxville and Oakwood-Lincoln Park, which are already under tremendous stress from those wandering their streets killing time until the next meal at a shelter down Broadway, and which are now creeping out7 Central Avenue. Find a legitimate pain management phsyician, trained in long term pain management, to open a practice in one of the office buildings at the hospital. Locate the office in a setting in which only legitimate chronic pain patients can go, without fear of being arrested or being forced to deal with dope heads in the parking lot or in the waiting room while they seek help to be allowed to live more productive lives despite chronic pain.

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pain clinics

A couple of months ago I was flipping through a bargain mart or something and saw an ad for a local pain clinic. It said if you reccommended a new customer you got $50 off. This may have been one that was closed pretty quickly, but still they were treating it like a hair salon or pizza coupon.

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pain clinics

These pain clinics are a pain in the ass.

Do they have a pill for that?

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Wow. Did you take a victory

Wow. Did you take a victory lap around your mom's basement after you posted that?

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Marketing pain

I got a postcard advertising THREE area Comprehensive Pain Management locations to serve ME! "NO REFERRALS NEEDED. Accepting MediCare and TennCare. Locations in Sevierville, Knoxville, & Lenoir City. Call toll free 888-817-7936." I am appalled.

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I have some pain issues with

I have some pain issues with my left knee. I can't point to a specific injury but the pain is definitely there. I know others who have played football or basketball or some other sport that has left them with chronic pain. I have been injured on construction jobs and I am sure I am not the only one. Plenty of veterans have residual pain/injuries from jumping out of airplanes or combat or training or or or. An awful lot of that pain is not visible to the casual observer. A lot of the folks who have that very real pain, cannot afford to undergo an intensive medical examination to determine the source of the pain and either fix the source issue or treat it with an appropriate pain management drug for that kind of pain.

I can appreciate that you may not want drug addled or drug desperate individuals camping in your neighborhood but the fact that they fit either or both of those descriptions does not exclude the possibility of them having real and intense pain. I believe that this is merely another shared symptom. It is shared between our idiotic policies on healthcare and "illegal" drugs. Maybe if there was not such hypocritical stigma attached to having managed pain that was not attached to a terminal illness, we could have more reputable doctors and locations for the patients to go.

Failing that, us upstanding citizens will have to shun the employees and stockholders of the drug companies that manufacture the highly prized pain meds.

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I'm sure it's due to all the

I'm sure it's due to all the back breaking hard labor they've done all their lives.

I'm sorry but I'm not buying. Having worked for DHS I can tell you a good number of those people have NEVER worked, unless you consider collecting an SSI check each month work.

I've got over 15 pins and a plate in one leg alone, so I'm experienced in dealing with a little pain.

These people enjoy the warm, fuzzy feeling they get from it.

Ask them and they'll probably tell you so.

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Clinic been there a while

and no one noticed before. WBIR reports the pain clinic has been in that location for 3 years. They recently got a new sign. That must be a really different sign.

metulj's picture

And the traffic in the area

And the traffic in the area is up a bunch and they are papering the area with "coupons" and "specials." The really telling thing is the police presence.

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From the WBIR link: Neighbors

From the WBIR link:

Neighbors take notice of North Knoxville pain clinic

McKellar [the clinic's lawyer] told 10News the financial fraud investigation provides a level of proof that the clinic is operating legitimately. McKellar said the clinic underwent intense scrutiny by government agencies and no wrong-doing was found regarding how the clinic performs medical services.

Say what? The guy went to prison and the state medical board suspended his license pending an investigation of charges that he "violated the state Medical Practice Act and certain rules of the Board with regard to prescribing controlled substances."

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It's All Good

Oh, but now his WIFE is now running the business, so it's all different, doncha know?

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I stopped by there this AM.

I stopped by there this AM. Completely shut down mid-morning on a business day.

R. Neal's picture

Looks like the "catch and

Looks like the "catch and release" program isn't working:

3 Knoxville medical professionals blocked from billing TennCare

ennCare spokeswoman Alyssa Lewis said on Tuesday they are: licensed physician's assistant Thomas Esser, Dr. Allen Foster and nurse practitioner Maimoune Wright.

The newspaper cited state records in reporting Foster's medical license was revoked after a 2011 guilty plea to health care fraud and Wright's license was suspended in February for unprofessional conduct.

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Are thery closed or opened?

kag's picture

I'm not sure I ever posted a

I'm not sure I ever posted a link to this here, but this is my "Open Letter to the Local 'Pain Clinic," addressed specifically to the people who own and operate "Tennessee Preferred Medical:"


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