Mar 22 2010
02:30 pm

Some of the idiotic remarks being made by by Republican candidates for governor (example) got me wondering about their educational background. Here's what I found, which is hopefully correct (some of it's from Wikipedia):

• Gibbons: Law degree from Vanderbilt University

• Haslam: Bachelor's degree in history from Emory University

• Ramsey: Bachelor's degree in industrial technology from East Tennessee State University

• Wamp: Dropped out of college after two freshman years (one at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and one at the University of Tennessee Knoxville)

• McMillan: Law degree from the University of Tennessee

• McWherter: Law degree from Vanderbilt University

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So we're supposed to feel sorry for this guy's narrow life experience, too? Zach "healthcare is a privilege" Wamp?


I'll have to go into my closet and pray on that one...

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Bill Haslam: "@BillHaslam legislation that passed the House today is an intolerable expansion of federal power - full statement at"

Ron Ramsey: "@RonRamsey Washington has done it again. More debt, more taxes, more spending. Not a good night for our country."

Zach Wamp: "@zachwamp Healthcare bill bad medicine. If signed, repeal effort must begin. States will bankrupt if mandate comes. Governors-claim 10th ammdt+fight!"

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Kim McMillan!

Kim McMillan!

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