Nov 10 2009
01:00 am

You have got to be kidding me. Why do I know that this has nothing to do with Campfield's affection for the writings of Yukio Mishima and more to do with just being a world class fool?

Let us now mock infamous men.

Knoxviews' Contest: Cold Beer to the best Mexican Luchador name for Stacey Campfield.

R. Neal's picture

I guess we can expect some

I guess we can expect some upcoming legislation regarding the wearing of masks at sporting events and the God given right to walking around unimpeded at sporting event venues.

Factchecker's picture

The true state rep unmasked

Maybe he and his cohorts need to have a "tea party" at the next home game to demonstrate such tyranny.

bizgrrl's picture

El grande tarugo.

El grande tarugo.

Factchecker's picture

Knoxviews' Contest: Cold

Knoxviews' Contest: Cold Beer to the best Mexican Luchador name for Stacey Campfield.

El Boner.

WhitesCreek's picture

Take the contest up a level and write better headline...

"El Hinchazón ejected from UT Game After Frightening Children"

So he puts on a mask and sits next and wanders around the stadium until he finds some young girls to sit next to? This is absolutely aberrent behavior.

metulj's picture

El Empacador Del Te! True

El Empacador Del Te!

True happiness is knowing you are a hypocrite. -- Ivor Cutler

Stimulating the economy as best we can!

Further stimulation with Yoga Wear!

Dave Prince's picture

Senor Sotano de Excremento.

Senor Sotano de Excremento.

bill young's picture

My Goodness

A quote from somewhere about mask policy
@ South Carolina game:

"No masks of any kind will be permited,
& will be confisacted if discovered."

So I gather the mask should have been

I saw the Daily Beacon add on the policy
for the Halloween game & thought it was a
little over the top.Come on..Halloween..
college kids..what's the big deal?

But it was..what it was & forgot about it.

Now this..& I don't get it.

Can't figure out what Stacey was thinking.

What campaign add comes to mind for you?

And will Stacey win the nomination?

I will say ,right now,we Democrats can
not put all our eggs in the beat Stacey

Because ,the Republican primary voter may
knock Stacey out.

My goodness ,Stacey, what on earth were
you thinking?

KnoxCatLady's picture

Simply bizarre

Simply bizarre

GoldnI's picture

El Sexista

(And yes "sexista" is masculine so it would be El Sexista rather than La Sexista).

R. Neal's picture

TN Democratic Party

TN Democratic Party News:

“Unfortunately, Mr. Campfield has a history of thumbing his nose at authority and pulling juvenile pranks like the one at Neyland Stadium. He needs to grow up and act like an adult.”

Read the rest. The TNDP is building a dossier.

bill young's picture


Again I want to stress that Stacey may not
be the Republican nominee.

The Democratic Party's goal is not to
beat Stacey but to win the seat for the
Democratic nominee.

metulj's picture

He's actually a weak

He's actually a weak candidate who doesn't scale up to that much larger, much more diverse Senate district. You are right. The GOP might have get a different nominee. The GOP will have to find someone viable, Bill.

True happiness is knowing you are a hypocrite. -- Ivor Cutler

Stimulating the economy as best we can!

Further stimulation with Yoga Wear!

bill young's picture

Yes I agree

First of all the Republican anybody but Stacey
crowd aren't to thrilled with the Republican field
as it now stands.

Those folks will vote for the Democratic nominee
if our nominee has what it takes.

However,the Republican Party wants to hold the

If Stacey is viewed as a loser in the general
a strong candidate could emerge for the Republican

Futhermore,Mayor Haslem's campaign for governor
complicates the Republican opposition to Stacey.

Knox County Republicans supporting Haslem are
giving $$$.To beat Stacey in the primary you
better bring your checkbook.It will take 100k
to beat Stacey.

Additionally,Mayor Haslem is trying to round
the edge of the Republican right flank.

That will not be easy if folks supporting
Haslem also support primary opposition to

Finally,running for governor ain't easy.

Therefore the Haslem folks must focus 100%
on winning the nomination.

They can not be distracted by a state senate primary.

We will see what happens when the filing deadline

Elmer_Gantry's picture

Masked Rep. Campfield terrifying young girls

Señor Unstable Stacey... or maybe Señor Scary Stacey...that Damn Yankee going to Neyland Stadium and scaring six year old girls!

I trust that the prize for this competition will be a cold Mexican beer and that Jamie Lee Curtis (remember the motion picture 'Halloween') will serve as the judge of the "Mommy, Name-That-Masked-Stranger" Contest!

Elmer_Gantry's picture

Or how about Señor Michael

Or how about Señor Michael Myers-Campfiled?

redmondkr's picture

It doesn't fit the Mexican

It doesn't fit the Mexican theme but Ludwig van Beethoven had a favorite name he used often for such people.

(Esel allen Esel (the ass of all asses)

Visit us at:

The Home

bill young's picture


Looks to me the two girls were upset that they couldn't
wear a mask but this person (turned out to be Stacey)could.

We need not add conjecture.Because conjecture is how we
allow Stacey to wiggle off the hook.

Don't think for a minute Stacey's not reading Knoxviews
on this.And don't fool yourself. Stacey will quote the most
egregiouse posts to deflect criticism in this matter.

Folks..in this deal the truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

So just stick with the facts & let Stacey explain what's what.

Elmer_Gantry's picture

The young girls did not

The young girls did not report Campfield to the deputy - the mother from Section B reported the masked Rep. Campfield to the KCSD deputy (and Campfield had a ticket for Section LL seating)...

Bbeanster's picture

Leadbetter's probably not

Leadbetter's probably not going to beat Campfield, and even if he did, what's the difference? Leadbetter is a guy who sued UT for sex discrimination when a woman was promoted over him (the judge laughed him out of court), is every bit as right wing as Campfield, and will probably work better with the GOP majority at pushing their agenda.

R. Neal's picture

Campfield loves the

Campfield loves the attention. You can't buy front-page above the fold advertising like that at any price. He's twittering away about it apparently. I'm guessing the voters he appeals to eat that stuff up, too.

Andy Axel's picture

Late to the party, but... El

Late to the party, but...

El Cojo Azul (The Blue Gimp).


Calling to the underworld. Come out of the cupboard, you boys and girls.

bill young's picture

April 1st

April 1st,2010 is the deadline for candidates
to qualify for the 7th district State Senate

Betty knows better than anybody...
King Caucus rules in the State Senate.

I understand that ,for many years, Wilder
created a coalition that defied King Caucus.
The coalition was dubbed "The Widerbeast".

However,that was then & this is now & the
age old tradition of King Caucus rules in
the State Senate.

Therefore,regardless of what one thinks about
Stacey or the fate of Lt.Governor Ramsey's
run for governor, the Tennessee Republican
State Senate Caucus campaign is interested in
only one thing:

Retaining the Republican majority in the State Senate..
which keeps the Republican State Senate Caucus in control
of the State Senate.

If as winter turns to spring this incident turns out to
be the straw that broke Stacey's back..one way or the other
a candidate will be found & the money will be there to
defeat Stacey for the Republican nomination.

When the Ides of March are upon us..see what emerges from
Republican circles as to the fate of Stacey Campfield.

WhitesCreek's picture

The Britney Spears of TN Government?

thorsanvil's picture

stacey was...

wearing the mask, most likely, to hide from his slum tenants.

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