Variable Technologies (, a Chattanooga, TN-based startup company producing handheld wireless sensors that interface with iPhones and iPads (i.e., iOS devices), is opening a branch office in West Knoxville to expand its business development and government relations division.

A product demonstration and press conference will be held at 1:00PM ET on Wednesday, December 12, 2012 at 2027 Castaic Lane, Knoxville, TN 37932.


Highlighted two weeks ago by as “what every techie wants for Christmas” and as the “Swiss Army Knife of sensors,” the NODE is a 3.27-inch wide handheld device that transmits data wirelessly through Bluetooth 4.0 to mobile applications on any iOS device where the information can be stored and analyzed.

The NODE base unit, KORE, includes a gyroscope, accelerometer, and magnetometer and can be purchased online at for $149.

Additional interchangeable sensors and modules, currently ranging from $25-$75 each, can measure qualities like surface temperature (through an infrared thermometer) as well as barometric pressure, ambient light, temperature, and humidity.

Tech gadget review websites like are likening NODE to “a tricorder from Star Trek.”

The latest modular sensor release, Chroma, recently raised $39,473 on last Friday. The sensor can help professionals in business sectors ranging from interior decorating to art appraisals save time when matching colors.

Founded by electrical engineer George Yu, Ph.D., his team has raised over $350,000 from both the Chattanooga Renaissance Fund and individual investors. Another $300,000 has also been committed, and the company continues to pursue additional investment from angel investors and private equity partners — as well as a variety of government programs and contracts.

Mark Gibbs, the Contributor at Forbes wrote, “currently going into Series A funding, the company is a serious, solid bet for venture capital.”


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