Jul 14 2006
12:21 am
By: Brian A.

Interesting statement to the voters:

Knox County Sheriff Tim Hutchison did not show up for a scheduled debate with his opponent in the race for county sheriff.
. . .

[M]embers of the media were informed that Sheriff Hutchison would not be attending. That came just moments before the debate was supposed to begin.

"He does apologize for not being able to be here this evening. He had a conflict with a civic organization and he promised to do something for them a long time ago," said Hutchison's legal advisor Mike Ruble. Ruble is with the sheriff's department and filled in for Hutchison during the debate.

"He kept trying to move the date back, or move the time back, but he just couldn't get it done, so I'm here and I know I'm disappointing everyone and I apologize already," said Ruble. 

Sheriff's officials say Hutchison's civic meeting was taking place at Austin East High School. 6 News dispatched a news crew to the scene shortly after the debate began. At 7:05 PM, the only activity on school grounds was a football practice. There were no signs of the Sheriff.

What was Mr. Hutchison's civic appointment?  Providing water for the football practice?  And he didn't figure out that he wasn't going to resolve this supposed conflict until the last minute?

Impressive organization skills.  Just the kind of thing that comes in handy when running a large government organization. 

jr's picture

He was at home watching So

He was at home watching So You Think You Can Dance

R. Neal's picture

Wow, nice catch on a big

Wow, nice catch on a big story. Wonder why the Knoxville News Sentinel isn't covering it?

Brian A.'s picture

Props to WATE

For sending someone out to check into Mr. Hutchison's "conflict." 

Brian A.
I'd rather be cycling.

redmondkr's picture

I'm betting he was watching

I'm betting he was watching the Three Stooges on Channel 10.

talidapali's picture

Tim Hutchison treats Knox

Tim Hutchison treats Knox County as his own personal fiefdom, where he gets to make all the rules and the rules don't apply to him when it suits him so.

It is high time that Hutchison became another victim of term-limits.  

"You can't fix stupid..." Ron White

Robert's picture

Yeah number nine is quiet

Yeah number nine is quiet here.Mike Mitchell is all outraged at the machine except for sucking up to Hutchison. Pathetic.

Old Hickory's picture

Classic Example of Need for Broadbased Term Limits

Only when elected officials become proprietors of fiefdoms does this type activity happen.

Give everybody 2 terms across the board, including school board, and they'll show up like hell, and at the end of two terms you'll have more candidates than you know what to do with.

StaceyDiamond's picture


WATE caught it, don't know if anybody else did. There is supposed to be a rally at 5pm outside the city county building by the Berry family asking for a meeting with the sheriff.

Knoxquerious's picture

Is the sheriff not the most

Is the sheriff not the most shady public official we have in Knox County? I think most people will vote Tyree.

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