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Yeehaw!!!! It's all about the


It's all about the football!
Who cares about the healthcare workers being overworked and the hospitals full? Not UT Knoxville.

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If someone gets hurt playing

If someone gets hurt playing in a Vol game will they be able to get into an ER quickly where many of us cannot?

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Movie Clip

Starring Richard Dreyfuss as Dr. Fauci, asking fans to mask up in Neyland Stadium.


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Stadiums will be at 100% capacity as college football kicks off

"If I wanted to be responsible and careful, I would be drawing back on attendance just a little bit, maybe kick it down to 75%, spread people out a little bit so they're not shoulder to shoulder for hours at a time and/or I would be saying wearing a mask," said Zach Binney, a sports epidemiologist at Oxford College at Emory University.

States making up the SEC have low vaccination rates, but stadiums will be at 100% capacity as college football kicks off this weekend

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9,000 Covid cases linked to Euro 2020 games in mass events

Via the Guardian 9,000 Covid cases linked to Euro 2020 games in mass events scheme

“The Euro 2020 tournament and England’s progress to the Euro final generated a significant risk to public health across the UK even when England played overseas,” the report states. “This risk arose not just from individuals attending the event itself, but included activities undertaken during travel and associated social activities.”

Contrasting this with Wimbledon, where the show courts had up to 100% capacity but combined crowds of around 300,000 generated just 881 cases, the study notes: “Research teams present at each of these events have verbally reported stark differences in crowd and spectator behaviour.”

Public health impact of mass sporting and cultural events in a rising COVID-19 prevalence in England

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LSU will require proof of

As mentioned in the article, LSU will require proof of vaccination or negative PCR test for admission to football games. Here's their statement...


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Here's the entirety of UT's

Here's the entirety of UT's game day COVID protocol:

The well-being of our student-athletes, fans and staff are our top priorities and guide our decisions. Exposure to COVID-19 is an inherent risk in any public location where people are present; we cannot guarantee you will not be exposed during your visit.


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Randy Boyd, UT President,

Randy Boyd, UT President, more concerned with making a buck?

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In charge?

So whose call is this? I was under the impression that it was Plowman and that she was being set up to hang out to dry. What is going on? Anyone?

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You think she'd make that

You think she'd make that decision without consulting the higher ups?

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The Decision

Actually, I had it pegged as her being told what to do. I just hadn’t pegged Boyd as that person. For a Republican, he’s acted almost sane over the past several months and I suppose I’ve been lulled into thinking he might actually be able to act with the community interest in mind. I still have that hope that springs eternal from the human breast thing going on.

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You, as did I, used to think

You, as did I, used to think good things about Burchett. Fool me once...

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(link...) Tennessee governor


Tennessee governor says attendance restrictions on sporting events should be lifted

May 05, 2021 at 5:33 pm CDT
By Tom Dees,
TENNESSEE — Is it time to let stadiums and arenas open to full capacity?

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee thinks so.

TRENDING: Shelby County mask mandate may end next weekend under new health directive

The governor made his case for loosening restrictions during his appearance on a national sports radio show Wednesday morning.

Tennessee’s governor started the day on the Outkick the coverage radio show.

Lee told host Clay Travis restrictions on attendance for events across Tennessee needed to be lifted especially at outdoor venues like Autozone Park and Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium.

“Absolutely, I mean anyone who goes to that event has the opportunity to be vaccinated or made the choice not to be vaccinated, and that means that it’s now up to the individuals to make the decisions. No one is being put at risk that doesn’t choose to be put at risk, " Lee said.

TRENDING: Man charged after allegedly shooting at ex-girlfriend’s car on Memphis interstate

While some stadiums across the country have dropped limitations, the governor said it is also time to let things get back to full capacity at indoor events like Grizzlies games at FedExForum.

“Yeah I think it is and there is something that we have to remember, we all live with some level of risk every single day for a number of different things. Covid was new last year and brought a lot of unknowns but we now know what the risk is,” the governor said.

Governor Lee has said he is against the idea of requiring vaccinations to get into games.

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Bill Lee: "COVID is here to

Bill Lee:

"COVID is here to stay. We have a managed health issue to address just like many health issues in the state," he said. "Case counts will ebb and flow ... People understand the risks associated with it, and that they have personal responsibility decisions to make."


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Personal responsibility?!?!?

Personal responsibility?!?!?

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Glenn Jacobs

Glenn jacobs expects the democrats to be responsible, so the Republicans don't have to!

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