Sep 28 2007
01:00 pm
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Answers the question "Is our

Answers the question "Is our children learning?"

Indeed, "childrens do learn."

It for the childrens is!

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The response from the little

The response from the little girl beside him is great. You can easily imagine her parents coaching her to keep cool if/when the pWez says something stupid.

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I think the little girl and

I think the little girl and the boy on the other side are just wanting Bush to be done already so they can sit down already. The boy in the back is realizing that, if he's not careful, he can indeed fall asleep standing up.

I think "childrens" was written in intentionally. It plays great in the sticks, a sort of "he's real folk" for the right, especially getting to play the martyr card when the left jumps on yet another bit of buffoonery. I also think there's a cartoon running in Bush's brain while the robot parts read the speech.

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I think the kid in back is saying, "Holy shit, he did it!" when he rolls his eyes. The sigh from the girl in front is more, "Oh my god."

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