Jan 9 2013
01:40 pm

The WSJ reports that Nissan is starting up U.S. LEAF production at their plant in Smyrna, TN. The first "made in the USA" models are expected to deliver in February. The new models will cut charging time and extend range.

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I guess the Leaf is zero fuel

I guess the Leaf is zero fuel cost? I assume that is why it is not on the list below. That is kind of misleading of CNN if that is the case.

From CNN ...

Cheapest cars to fuel

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Maybe the CNN article is for

Maybe the CNN article is for MY 2013 cars, the '13 LEAF being MIA thus far. I've heard pricing on the TN-made LEAF may be announced as early as tomorrow.

I'm about a year and a half overdue posting a review of my LEAF here. It's hard for me to wrap my head around the scope of what that should be, but the most information can be obtained by reading the enthusiast site I couldn't possibly top the details you can find there. It might be more useful to occasionally blog about my experiences as a local EV owner. It's just that I've not had a eureka moment of "hey, I need to blog about this such and such incident."

For now I'll just say the LEAF is the best car and most favored to drive of any I've ever owned, and that includes a lot of really fun to drive euro-trash cars. Certainly it's not the best handling, so maybe I'm over-influenced by geezerdom and ever increasing eco-wackiness. The dead-smooth and silent traveling experience is unsurpassed for me, though, and the fuel cost can be approximated as about 3 cents per mile or roughly half of what I would guess it to be for a Prius (or highest MPG hybrid). Range is of course limited, though, and you learn to always mind how far you're going. That's fine for me as long as there's another option for longer distance traveling, like a second car.

Another thing I can brag about is that in a year and a half and with almost 20,000 miles driven, I've never once had to open the hood except for showing the car to friends. I paid to rotate the tires at one year. That's the only non-fuel expense I can think of besides the admittedly steep purchase cost, but I really wanted to be an early adaptor. They will get cheaper and longer range. EVs are not yet about "saving money," a desirable but hardly the only feature for a vehicle.

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