Oct 13 2013
05:30 am

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We played hooky on Friday and went for a paddle on Little River. The weather was perfect. We took two cars, left one at the boat ramp at Stock Creek then went back up to put in at Roddy Branch. It's about 1.5 miles up Maryville Pike and about 3 miles back down on the river. Once we got back to the boat ramp we went under the bridge and up Stock Creek to the railroad trestle and back to the ramp.

We saw several herons, a bunch of kingfishers, a cormorant and some cool old houses and structures. We didn't, however, see the elusive Stock Creek eagle.

This is a nice, easy little trip, total about 4 miles and about two leisurely hours on the water. (Here's a track.) There was no current so we paddled the whole way. Thankfully there was no wind, which I imagine could be a problem out in the wide, flat area near Anchorage.

Another nice trip would be to put in at Stock Creek and paddle back in to the Stock Creek embayment from there. You can go way back past the bull farm off Tipton Station and under the bridge at Hall Rd. and quite a ways up Stock Creek proper, I imagine. Not sure you could do this when the lake elevation is lowered because I seem to recall it being a giant mud flat back there.

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Stock Creek mudway

Yep, it's a mud flat in the winter. You can walk across it (I never have, but I have friends who did). There is a very narrow, shallow stream bed somewhere in the middle that is probably too shallow for even a kayak if it hasn't rained recently. But when the lake is at normal summer capacity, it goes quite a ways back in. It should be a nice paddle.

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