Feb 17 2013
03:29 pm

How many times have you clicked on a Knoxville News Sentinel headline only to find a teaser and a link instructing you to go read the article somewhere else?

A while back, several papers around the state formed a content sharing agreement that allows them to, well, share content. The News Sentinel appears to be getting the better end of the deal.

From a search of their websites, we found the following number of articles from the News Sentinel that other papers have used so far this month:

• Memphis Commercial Appeal: six articles
• Nashville Tennessean: six articles
• Chattanooga Times Free Press: zero articles
Total KNS content used: 12 articles

In contrast, the Knoxville News Sentinel has used the following number of articles from these papers so far this month:

• Memphis Commercial Appeal: 10 articles
• Nashville Tennessean: 16 articles
• Chattanooga Times Free Press: six articles
Total shared content used by KNS: 32 articles

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That statistic can be

That statistic can be deceiving. For example, let's say KNS routinely writes 40 stories in-house each day and gets 20 from the wire. If they continue to write 40 stories in-house, 20 from the wire, and 4 or so from the news-share program, then they are doing a better service than the other sites. If they are merely supplementing their typical workload, then I see this as a good thing.

But in knowing the history of the KNS, if they are reducing workload and cutting hours, then they're doing a great disservice to their readers.

jackdlail's picture

The numbers

Good stats, Randy!

You were doing an online search so your stats are for what has been posted online, obviously. Some people might not realize the count is quite different for the printed paper.

I'm not sure where the anonymous commenter was going. We've been doing content sharing for a few years now without any reduction in locally produced content. While conspiracy theories seem to abound about the News Sentinel, sometimes more is just, well, more.

For the statistically minded, here is the story count yesterday (2/19/13) for knoxnews/govolsxtra/

201 stories posted
Of those, 33 had an "is local" flag checked.

* The number does not include updates to existing stories.
* Some "local written" stories are not flagged as "local." Simple rewrites of news releases generally aren't.
* Content share stories are not flagged as local, either.
* Photo galleries, videos or other elements aren't "stories" either. We're counting only "articles."
* Blog posts on any of the blogs at are not included.

The total, except for Saturday and Sunday, typically is in the 200 to 250 article range. Saturday and Sunday are slower news days.

-- jack lail
Knoxville News Sentinel

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