KNS: Public Building Authority, Knox County sue firm over faulty security systems

The lawsuit seeks a total of more than $400,000 from PSCD to fix the firm's "breaches, deficiencies and code violations" at Hardin Valley and Powell Middle.

In an answer filed by attorney Chris Cone on behalf of PSCD, the firm denies PBA's allegations. The firm has filed a countercomplaint alleging PBA and the school system owe PSCD nearly $30,000 for additional work done to satisfy PBA's complaints.

Interesting sequence of events that led to the dispute. Read the whole thing.

AnonymousOne's picture

Security is this screwed up,

Security is this screwed up, and the Board of Education does...what?

Have any of them said anything to the press yet, or do they only do that when they're trying to promote the budget?'s picture

ragsdale's folly

Hey, both Powell Middle and Hardin Valley Academy were school construction projects that Mike Ragsdale insisted be managed by the Public Building Authority. The Board of Education has little if anything to do with this mess.

It's somewhat like the Carter Elementary School project brought to us by Mayor Burchett. -- s.

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The school board is not

The school board is not expected to provide any oversight?

Especially on matters of such importance as school safety and security?

Praytell then, what IS its function?

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Just like the Henley Street Bridge Project!

Taking the lowest bid on these massive construction projects is ridiculous and had cost lives here. The Bridge company had a reputation for safety violations before it was hired. Since then it has caused the deaths of 4 workers, thousands of dollars, the safety violations STILL exist, wasted time and more problems existed in the 'supports' of this bridge than were estimated when it began.

As to the electrical contractor, with all these safety violations, endangering workers, and waste of thousands of tax payer dollars, it seems the lowest bid was accepted. My son-in-law, who is a licensed electrical contractor and building inspector, could have provided this work at these installations for a fraction of this cost and destruction of supplies, materials. If the goal of this electrical work was "saving money", not hiring a quality, respected company, the goal was NOT met.

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