Feb 5 2018
12:36 pm

Margaret Renkl, previously with The Nashville Scene, is providing American South op-eds for the New York Times. I've only recently noticed her articles, but going back it looks like she may have been contributing since July, 2016.

Her most recent article is about The Nashville Scene being for sale. She says, "Someone who cares about the fate of this city — and this country — should buy it."

I also like the article about Fort Negley, "A Monument the Old South Would Like to Ignore." "Fort Negley was an investment designed to protect the Union’s hold on Nashville and its strategic access to roads, railroad lines and the Cumberland River." The plot of land that once was Fort Negley is in need of some work. There were/are plans for private development of the area. "But an army of green-space advocates and historic preservationists quickly mobilized to point out what would seem to be obvious: Nashville owns a lot of land, and there is no good reason to allow for-profit development in a park with huge historic significance."

Check her out when you get a chance.

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How odd. My daughter is a recent graduate of the UTC School of Communications (on time, Dean's list, thank you very much) and she mentioned something about journalists being able to get a job in Nashville. I immediately countered with something about Gannett owning the paper and she immediately countered with the Nashville Scene. I hope this publication is allowed to keep its journalistic integrity and hope that our next generation start-up journalistic option in Knoxville has better fortunes than the last.

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as a journalist in Nashville

There are not jobs here, unless you are in tv. Layoffs everywhere else, including us at Scene. WPLN public radio occasionally has openings and is a great place to work, but you'd need years of experience.

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The Mr. brought it to my

The Mr. brought it to my attention that Betsy Phillips, also from The Nashville Scene, has been doing some opinion writing for The Washington Post.

Human remains were discovered in a public park. Were they the Army’s slaves?

The man who fought the Klan and won

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I'd like to add a little amplify for Betsy Phillips and her Scene writing. Visit the Scene website and go to Pith in the Wind. She's doing great work there.

p.s. I first read Betsy Phillips by clicking on the link to her personal blog which has been under TN Progressive for a few years now. So I'm throwing out a thanks to Knox Views and our lovely hosts for those connections beyond the posts and the comments/discussion that happen here.

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