Aug 15 2018
11:18 pm

So this guy's running to succeed the first woman speaker. He'll probably win.


It's kind of a hoot, given this little factoid that the Tennessean didn't think important enough to include. His mugshot favors Congressman DesJarlais, don't you think?

GREENEVILLE — An East Tennessee jury on Thursday convicted state Rep. David Hawk of reckless endangerment stemming from an incident in which his ex-wife alleged he had struck her.


Bbeanster's picture

And there's more – he's got

And there's more – he's got an opponent.


Treehouse's picture

Go Park Go!

Park Overall for this seat!

bizgrrl's picture

Didn't you know? Current

Didn't you know? Current Republican politics allows for sexual abuse, racism, etc.

cwg's picture

Glen Casada is by far the

Glen Casada is by far the front runner for the seat tho.

Bbeanster's picture

Heck. Forgot about him.

Heck. Forgot about him.

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