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Getting mud on your clothes is encouraged at a new preschool in South Knoxville where students learn and play entirely outdoors.

Knox Forest School is halfway through its first year, and founder Sara Otis says she believes in its unique teaching method more every day.

New Knox Forest School uses the wilderness as its classroom

Knox Forest School

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Pretty cool idea. I'll be a

Pretty cool idea. I'll be a fuddy-dud though and ask some questions.

I went to their website to get more info.
Still don't know the exact location of the school. Could be somewhere on the website, I couldn't find it. Maybe it is anywhere in the Urban Wilderness of SoKno.
Background/resume of the owners/teachers?
What if it is too cold, rainy, or whatever? Do they get a refund or an extension of sessions? According to a site in England or Germany, can't remember, it doesn't matter the weather, that is part of the educational experience.
What about insurance? Do the participants have to provide proof of health insurance?

From the website, "Forest schools are popular in Europe, but quickly spreading in the United States as some parents recognize a growing disconnect between modern children and nature." Many countries in Europe have some sort of national health insurance.

I know kids get hurt at playgrounds, but they don't call them schools and, hopefully, parents/guardians are around watching them.

I don't even know how it works at public/private schools such as Knox County Schools. What happens if a kid gets hurt and they don't have health insurance? Is it the case in Tennessee all kids between the ages of 3-6 can get insurance through Medicaid/CHIPS?

I don't have kids so I don't have any idea if these questions are important/relevant.

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