Jan 6 2012
11:35 pm

"The new phone books are here!"

(Old maps are here.)

TN-1 (Roe) remains largely intact under this plan. TN-3 picks up a sizable chunk of what is currently upper eastern TN-4 (DeJarlais).

Maybe one of y'all Easterners can clue me in to why TN-2 (Duncan) has ceded turf in the south into TN-3 (Fleischmann), and TN-2 will now include Grainger, Jefferson, and Claiborne Counties from the old TN-3. For that matter, it looks like the most dramatic changes are in East TN, so I'm wondering perhaps if someone (or passel of someones thereof) is considering making a move from the state assembly to the Fed House.

TN-5 (Cooper) remains safely Democratic, although its boundaries are realigned somewhat, consolidating Cooper's district into Davidson* and most of Cheatham, also throwing Dickson County into the mix was something of a surprise. TN-6 (Black) mostly intact other than fragments of Wilson being pulled from TN-5.

TN-7 (she who will not be named) is now more coherent and no longer extends from Williamson into a fraction of Davidson with a channel up to Montgomery, being largely confined to lower Middle TN. TN-8 (Fincher) now includes none of Shelby and much of the eastern portion of it is annexed by the new TN-7.

Shelby is now cut into two districts instead of 3, greater Memphis being TN-9, the other safe Democratic seat (Cohen), the sole "majority-minority" House district.

Any observations upon reviewing these side by side?

* Side note: Thus throwing Casa Axel into Cooper's district. Thank. God.

fischbobber's picture

Tn-2 Duncan

Duncan just got the coal region of East Tn. There is no coal south of the Clinch river. It looks like Duncan got all of the "Massey" holdings which would mean he would likely be able to grandfather or exempt those holdings from pending legislation.

There may be more than that but the two maps are in different formats and that is all that jumps out at me.

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I think the only former

I think the only former Massey operation in Tennessee was Tennessee Consolidated in Marion County, District 4.

Rachel's picture

Is there no way either party

Is there no way either party can draw the 4th district w/o ridiculous gerrymandering?

Andy Axel's picture

Rachel: I think we have our


I think we have our answer, courtesy of the Nashville Scene...

...state Sen. Bill Ketron pretends the redrawn Fourth Congressional District came as a big surprise and dropped him like a rock to his knees in prayer over whether to run against freshman Republican Rep. Scott DesJarlais (not the mustard) this year. Yes, God works in mysterious ways.

That's so funny. Everyone knows Ketron, as a key member of the state Senate's redistricting committee, demanded the Fourth include his house in Murfreesboro just so he could run for Congress against DesJarlais...

Rachel's picture

God helps those who help

God helps those who help themselves....

R. Neal's picture

I'll tip my hat to the new

I'll tip my hat to the new constitution
Take a bow for the new revolution
Smile and grin at the change all around me
Pick up my guitar and play
Just like yesterday
And I'll get on my knees and pray
We don't get fooled again

Pete Townshend, ca. 1971

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The State Senate map gave me

The State Senate map gave me some hope that Republicans might do a better job respecting community than Democrats did when they controlled this process. The 3rd and 4th Congressional districts mock my faith. Chattanooga in the same district as Scott Co, but separated from Cleveland? Shameful.

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