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.Unfortunately, the biggest Internet service providers have a different vision for the Internet. Companies like AT&T, Comcast and Verizon hate Net Neutrality. They want to pick and choose what content you can watch based on who pays them the most. They want to be gatekeepers collecting tolls before the best new ideas and apps can reach you. [Editor’s note: is owned by Comcast.]

Until recently, it looked like these companies and their armadas of lobbyists were winning. Numerous press reports revealed the FCC’s latest “open Internet rules” would condone a pay-for-prioritization Internet, where service providers could charge extra fees to content companies for preferential treatment. That is the opposite of Net Neutrality.

Net Neutrality vote a make-or-break moment for the Internet

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Here come data caps. Take that, cord cutters!

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See also: Video-hungry cord

See also:

Video-hungry cord cutters use 328GB a month

Sandvine's latest Global Internet Phenomena report released today, based on measurements in March, says that Internet users in the United States who appear to be cord cutters "consume on average 212GB a month, more than seven times the usage of a typical subscriber. These 'cord cutters' consume an average of 100 hours of video a month and account for 54 percent of total traffic consumed each month."


Netflix now accounts for 34.21 percent of North American traffic at peak viewing periods, up from 31.62 percent in the second half of 2013.

Also some interesting charts at the link.

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I recently talked to a former

I recently talked to a former AT&T employee who told me that one of the biggest profit drivers for AT&T wireless is overage charges on data. I wouldn't be surprised if the cable providers would like to get in on that.

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The Other Choice

is to classify broadband as common carriage services under Title II.

But, AT&T and Comcast don't want that. They want the monopoly. Anyone remember Ma Bell? Yeah, this will be the new Ma Bell.

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How the game is played

I'm sensing the folks eating cheetos in their PJ's writing commie blogs may not have much of a say in how this goes down.

VB News - Comcast gave Republican leader 4x more money than Google. Now he opposes net neutrality

I guess it is legal unless someone is handing over sacks of krugerrands labeled "gold coins" to politicians making the hard calls.

The nation’s top political leaders rarely give much attention to the wonky regulatory battles of the tech industry. But embattled Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-Ohio) took time off from budgets and immigration reform to threaten the Federal Communication Commission over its proposal to strengthen net neutrality.

Following the Republican leader, all of the Republican party’s top brass (the majority leader, the whip, and GOP conference chair) signed on to a strongly worded letter (.pdf) to FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler.

Wheeler has hinted that he would reclassify Internet broadband as a utility, giving him more power to regulate Internet service providers, such as Comcast, who want to be able to charge more money for faster service...

According to OpenSecrets, Comcast gave about four times more money to Boehner than net neutrality supporter Google ($74,000 vs. $20,000). Indeed, Comcast is the third biggest donor to Boehner’s re-election campaign so far.

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Spending is speech!


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