Mar 4 2018
03:48 pm

Pith in the Wind (Nashville Scene) @pithinthewind
Does it matter if The @Tennessean's editorial board wants you [Megan Barry] to quit?

Steven Hale (Nashville Scene) @iamstevenhale Mar 1
Fwiw, if The Tennessean edit board told me to resign I would refuse.

Matt Pulle @MattPulle Mar 1
If the @NashvilleScene wants to critique how other media outlets are treating the mayoral scandal, it should evaluate its own coverage as well. Fair is fair.

Steven Hale @iamstevenhale Mar 1
Having left alt-weekly journalism long ago, Matt has always been committed to proving the paper was better when he was there. Whatever makes you feel good. But if a personal performance review is required, then OK.

Steven Hale @iamstevenhale Mar 1
I am extremely frustrated with the coverage we've been able to do and I know my colleagues are too. I'm still proud of the paper we're putting out, but we're not idiots. We understand what a lot of readers expect and understand when we're struggling to keep up with a story.

Steven Hale @iamstevenhale Mar 1
There are good reporters in this town and they've beat us on plenty of things. I don't have any problem admitting that. But also: The Tennessean's last big story had 5 bylines on it. Five. That's our whole staff right now. All of it.

Steven Hale @iamstevenhale Mar 1
Matt understands how this works, but for anyone else dumb enough to be following this: That means everyone has had a bunch of extra shit added to their plate. That's a fact. And it means that when we show up in the morning, we're not immediately working the courthouse sources.

Matt Pulle @MattPulle Mar 1
Maybe try working them now?

Steven Hale @iamstevenhale Mar 1
F*** off, Matt. I just put my kid to bed after feeding her over my laptop because I was working. And I'd just finished an interview when I decided to have this stupid argument with you.

Steven Hale @iamstevenhale Mar 1
I stress over a lot of things, but not working enough hours to satisfy you isn't gonna be one of them.

Cari Wade Gervin (Nashville Pulse/Scene) @carigervin Mar 1
Tennessean’s coverage has also been less than thoughtful and intelligent and has tried to blow things that aren’t actually scandalous into headlines so I’m v ok that we aren’t doing stupid journalism and wasting our time on public records requests for things that aren’t records.

Kevin Wisniewski (WTVF Channel 5) @KevWisniewski Mar 1
Replying to @pithinthewind @Tennessean
If you are going to take digs at other media outlets for their coverage of the Mayor (incl. tv outlets) & question their motives , it seems like you should at least disclose her husband is a regular contributor to the very column you used to criticize, so no one questions yours.

Steven Hale @iamstevenhale Mar 1
I think Bruce Barry has written something like 7 blog posts for the Scene in the past year. When he does write for the site, he never writes about Metro politics for obvious reasons.

Steven Hale @iamstevenhale Mar 1
In any case, people question our motives for everything we write. And I don't apologize for suggesting that TV stations regularly exaggerate the impact of their reporting because that's obviously true.


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