Bidding begins to privatize prisons in South Florida

Florida is seeking one company to take over the management of 30 state prisons in South Florida as part of a privatization plan to save money....

The bidding process is moving ahead despite a lawsuit filed by the Florida Police Benevolent Association, the bargaining agent for unionized correctional officers.

Our industry benefits from significant economies of scale,
resulting in lower operating costs per inmate as occupancy
rates increase. We believe we have been successful in
increasing the number of residents in our care and continue
to pursue a number of initiatives intended to further
increase our occupancy and revenue. Our competitive
cost structure offers prospective customers a compelling
option for incarceration.

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The ironic thing is...

... most of those cops probably voted straight-ticket Republican.

They're finally getting the message, although too late.

(Note, the union itself endorsed Dem Alex Sink for governor, but no telling if the generally Republican-voting rank and file paid attention to what union management was trying to tell them).

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Scott barely won and it took

Scott barely won and it took $73 million of his own money to buy the office.

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The job creators are at it

The job creators are at it again.

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"We believe we have been successful in
increasing the number of residents in our care"

But that's because CCA spends millions to lobby to keep immigration and drug laws so oppressive that those private prisons have a steady stream of occupants.

I wonder how these people sleep at night.

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private prisons are a racket

thanks for the link - I am printing it to study some more. This is special interest of mine due the the "unfortunate incarceration" of a loved one with a history of mental illness...

The set-up: California "citizen democracy" passes the "3 strikes" law. Ca prisons fill up with drug users and parole violators and mandatory sentencing... Ca contracts with CCA to house 10,000 inmates out-of-state in AZ, OK, TN, MS. Wackenhut is an "approved prison vendor" to sell supplies like toothpaste, soap and supplemental protein (peanut butter) to inmates. My loved one is vegetarian and in Tutwiler MS, a CCA facility.

Tutwiler is a small Delta town of about 1800 people. The prison population is about 3600 - all California inmates. Needless to say it is nearly impossible to maintain family contact. Despite the propaganda website for CCA, it is much "easier" if the prison is almost always on "mandatory lockdown" during which times there are no "classes" or "yard time" or hot meals. Just 2 men basically living in a bathroom for about 23 hours a day. Not much better than Eastern State Penitentiary - a Quaker experiment in "reform" that went terribly wrong.

CCA is a disgrace. Mental illness should not be a crime. Even petty criminals should not be prevented from maintaining contact with their families who might provide their support system when they are paroled. We know from the record of "death row" inmates who are exonerated that a certain percentage of folks are wrongfully convicted. That's bad enough, but to held in a CCA facility is even worse. I did complain to the Haslam campaign about the "country club" prisons political TV ad... it made me sick.

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The graft and corruption that

The graft and corruption that naturally follows the letting of huge government contracts is bad enough, but it's the erosion of rights and the loss of transparency and accountability that make private prisons thoroughly deplorable. Any politician who takes money from CCA executives and PACs should be branded as an enemy of the people. Bill Haslam, for example.

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