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Geez, like Kansas, it was a

Geez, like Kansas, it was a Georgia Republican stronghold. The Democrats, media, and whoever else should not get so excited or downtrodden over these districts. Democrats will win.

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Maybe all is not

Maybe all is not lost...


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I don't get why anybody is

I don't get why anybody is disappointed in this result. A 30 year old political unknown just got 48% in a Republican district. And he has a good chance in the runoff.

I didn't expect more and I think it's a real win.

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Agree with Rachel, although

Agree with Rachel, although it maybe hard to peel off even 1.6% in the general.

But another six weeks of Trump should be an immense help.

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You don't really have to peel off the 1.6%, just them to stay home. So far Trump is helping with that really well:

Special election turnout compared to Nov 2016:

Dem: -25%
GOP: -51%

Dem: -32%
GOP: -62%

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